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Buy Your Dream Home With Down Payment Assistance Today!

Written by Posted On Friday, 09 December 2016 00:32

Getting to a point where you have enough money saved for a down payment on your future home is close to impossible for quite a few people. Due to this fact, there are specific programs setup to help those who would like to buy a house, but who might not have enough saved to fully cover their down payment. There are actually several programs out there for potential home owners who don't have the money for a down payment. It's best to see which programs are available in your area, and from there you can see which program is the best fit for you.

For some, getting a house with zero money down home loans is the only option. One survey done by the NAR showed that twenty five percent of homebuyers financed 100% of their home's purchase. The same survey showed 42% of first time buyers got their homes with no money down. These are numbers that continue to grow more and more every year. There's still plenty of options out there in terms of down payment assistance programs, many of which require no money down.

There are several ways to find down payment assistance programs. Your local government is a good first stop if you aren't able to find a good agent to help you. HUD.gov is a good resource to use to find this.

Speaking of finding a good agent to help you, Google is still your friend. Just search for down payment assistance in your area to see who is available to help you. For example, if you were in Arizona, The Certo Team would come up for those searches as they're one of the top teams in the state when it comes to down payment assistance.

Just remember, there are plenty of options available even if you think you can't afford your down payment. Many require little or no money down. Just be sure to be careful when it comes to which program you choose to use because not all lenders allow every program to be used. This is actually why a qualified agent is good resource since they can help you to find the best financing matches. Keep that in mind when you're thinking about that future home of your dreams!

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