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Building Breakthrough: Which Home Design Trends Are Absolutely Necessary?

Written by Posted On Friday, 09 December 2016 19:43

Designs trends in the home have changed significantly over the past few decades. From shag carpet throughout the home to stainless steel in the kitchen, you've probably seen numerous designs and colors, many that are continuing to change with every passing year. In 2017, you're likely to see brighter colors as well as a few bold patterns that you might not suspect when it comes to the living room and bathroom more than in any other room of the home.


Covering The Wall

You've probably walked into a home and seen canvas pictures, mirrored images and other designs on the walls. Bold patterns and several textures are seen in homes today, and you'll likely see more designs over the next year. There will also be more wallpaper options so that you can transform entire walls to different colors and patterns instead of simply adding pictures in frames or stickers that are easy to remove.


Bathroom Relaxation

The bathroom was once a room in the home where you would use a toilet and take a bath. It has since become much more than that, offering a place for you to relax after a long day. Now, bathrooms look more like a spa than a white room with a toilet and a few other plumbing fixtures. Tubs are larger than ever and often have a jet system in them so that you can transform an ordinary tub to a whirlpool. Showers are designed so that they have glass doors and aren't attached to a tub. Most showers also have multiple heads that offer a massage while you're bathing. You'll often find a bench in the shower as well. Soothing colors that include teal and green will be seen in bathrooms. You'll also see that tile surrounds tubs that are freestanding. White floors with intricate details will be a trend in many homes along with laminate flooring that looks like hardwood.


Eating In The Home

Sites like Flow Wall have ideas and pictures that you can use when you're building a new home or remodeling one that already exists. When you're looking for kitchen trend ideas, you'll find that the formal dining area is long gone. Now, families often sit on barstools around an island in the center of the kitchen or simply eat in the living room on a couch. Brighter lighting will be a trend in the kitchen, especially underneath cabinets. Brass will come back when it comes to the appliances in the kitchen, especially the stove. Two-toned cabinets and deep drawers that are hidden will be a trend as well.



The bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It's an area of the home where you can relax after a long day before going to sleep in a comfortable bed. Many homes now have a master suite on the first floor with the rooms for the children on the second floor. This is a way to transition into being empty-nesters when kids go off to college or leave home. The master suite often has a large closet with shelves and plenty of storage as more people are beginning to build up a wardrobe instead of keeping only the minimal items to wear during the day. More bedrooms are being designed with customized wallpaper and pictures instead of the simple designs in neutral colors.


Living With The Family

Technology is a big trend when it comes to the living room. More homes are fashioned with projectors that fold down to allow families better options when it comes to watching movies or playing video games. Carpeting in the room is pretty much gone as laminate and tile are here to stay. Most living rooms are built for fun with the family instead of just as a place to relax and watch the evening news.


There are many different home design trends to consider when you design your perfect room. Consider the trends above, and think about what you really want in your home. When it comes down to it, go with what you would prefer, trend or not, as it will make you the happiest and that is important when it comes to your home.



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