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Looking To Entertain? 4 Reasons To Make Sure Your Kitchen Is Up To Snuff

Written by Posted On Monday, 12 December 2016 21:47

Home is where the heart is, but the soul of a home lies within its kitchen. Family rooms are a great place to unwind, but the kitchen is where the body is nourished, long, memorable conversations are had and plenty of parties tend to be fixated.


Whenever someone gets invited to a party, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is "I wonder what kind of food they'll have." You can't go wrong by combining good food with even better company; if you're looking to entertain, especially during the holiday season, here are four reasons to make sure your kitchen is ready to delight (and how you can make it better than ever).



If you live in an apartment or a small home, then you may not have the option of setting up a proper seating area in your kitchen. In that case, take this tip and focus on your own abode's seating area. What really matters is that you have a designated spot where guests can comfortably gather, mingle and dine without feeling overcrowded or uncomfortable.


If you have an island counter in your kitchen, consider setting up a separate buffet table and using the island as a bar with soft leather or cushioned stools instead of a serving area.



Some kitchens have glaring hospital-white fluorescents that can really put a damper on the mood. Even if a gathering is going well, no one wants to sip wine and munch on the appetizers beneath lighting that makes them feel as if a surgeon could pop out and prep them for the OR at any minute.


Replace white bulbs with off-white or flame colored ones and, if you really want to go the extra mile, consider light dimming fixtures that will allow you to adjust the brightness on a whim.



Your guests probably won't be doing much food prep, but the appliances in your kitchen still have a lasting impact on any type of gathering. Parties are all about the people, the music and the food. In order to keep guests happy, you'll want an endless flow of food.


Of course, that requires a lot of time in the kitchen. To make the process easier on you and more enjoyable for your guests, invest in appliances that are able to take you through every stage of entertaining: an electric stove that's easy to wipe down; a large sink with detachable nozzle to rinse and wash quickly; a fridge with an ice and water dispenser that offers fresh refills on demand; and a powerful dishwasher that spares you from the post-party cleanup nightmare.



Adding a wall-mounted television or stereo to your kitchen can transform it from the feeding area and turn it into a fixture of the party. Too often kitchens are neglected during gatherings and simply become a grab-and-go stop for hungry guests (and gossip central for those hiding out). If you’re considering a major kitchen renovation, think about using professionals like those found at Luxcucina.



Make sure that you combine all of the above tips with some entertainment so your party encompasses one of the most important parts of your home and lets your guests feel like they're truly welcome.

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