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How Do Luxury Caravans Offer A Life Of Luxury For Australian Holidaying?

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 13 December 2016 03:42

The definition of luxury differs once you’re out on the open road – suddenly, things like a full-sized toilet and a real washing machine become luxurious features that many would pay a pretty penny for. If you’re interested in luxury caravans, you might be wondering exactly how they can offer travelers a luxurious lifestyle – find all the answers in the list below.

▪ Customisation

Caravan manufacturers who specialise in luxury vehicles will offer options above and beyond those provided in typical ones. These customisations can cover everything, from appliances and interior materials to finishes and floor plans. You will be able to design and create a van that meets your needs perfectly.


The greatest luxury when it comes to compact living quarters is space. At the top end of the spectrum, you’ll find caravans with slide out walls that expand the floor plan when stationary. Some even have two or three slide out walls for even more space. These vehicles end up resembling a small apartment rather than a home on wheels.


The advancements in LED lighting have meant that manufacturers can squeeze as much lighting as is required into luxury caravans. Look for ambient lighting in the living spaces (which will get rid of shadows cast by stronger light sources) and the presence of a skylight or two to ensure that the space is bathed in natural sunlight.


Remember that luxury isn’t just about what you can see – it can also be found in walls and floors in the form of quality insulation. Any good caravan will feature high levels of thermal insulation (such as laminated, solid-core, high-density foam in the roof and walls). Many even have insulated floors to ensure all-round protection.

Go Anywhere

There’s an expectation that you’ll be able to travel wherever you want, which is why many luxury caravans come with off-road or semi-off-road capabilities. This comes in the form of heavy-duty suspension (such as IRS), off-road couplings and off-road wheels. If you want to travel off the beaten track, you’ll be able to do so with ease.


These caravans should include many appliances as standard, including: a washing machine, refrigerator with freezer, dishwasher, microwave, oven and stove, external speakers, WiFi hot spot, media system, satellite TV or boosted antenna, ceramic bowl toilet, endless hot water system, air conditioning, heating, external shower (with hot and cold water), slide out BBQ, body armor, and stone guards.

Luxury doesn’t equal lightweight

It’s important to keep in mind that all of these luxury features have a knock-on effect, and that is weight. In other words, your caravans are likely to have a higher aggregate trailer mass than regular models. Your towing vehicle will need to be up to the task, you’ll use more fuel during transit and you’ll require more power to run the van once you’ve reached your destination.

We hope that the information provided above has given you a much better idea of what makes for a luxury caravan and how these sorts of features can make for a more luxurious holidaying experience. After all, no one wants to be cramped in a tiny caravan with basic facilities that you would never lower yourself to entertain at home. Good luck with your search.


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