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4 Ways to Make a Small Apartment Feel Bigger in Non-Traditional Ways

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 13 December 2016 16:42

Small spaces can create challenges when decorating your apartment. Just because you live in a small space doesn't mean you have to be cramped. As long as you're thoughtful about storage, and you are smart when buying your furniture, you can maximize your small space and not feel claustrophobic. 

Loft Your Bed

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If you want to add floor space to your room, lofting your bed could be your answer. As long as you don’t mind climbing into bed at night, a lofted bed adds a lot of floor space to your bedroom. While a lofted bed may make you picture your college dorm room, there are plenty of ways to make a lofted bed look chic and modern. As long as the rest of the room doesn’t portray a dorm room feel, your lofted bed will look functional, and you will appreciate the extra room for a desk or other furniture. 

Create Built-in Storage

If you aren’t dealing with a lot of space, there are plenty of functional furniture options with built-in storage to maximize the space in your small home. Consider a bed with dressers built-in instead of having a bulky chest in your room. If you don’t want to buy a new bed, you could also buy rolling storage bins to store items underneath your bed as well. 

If you own your home, you can buy furniture that is built into the walls, utilizing extra space which is often overlooked. Although it may seem like a hassle, you will free up a lot of space and enjoy the more open feel of the room. 

Look Up

There is plenty of unused space if you look up in your smaller home. Consider hanging pots and pans from the ceiling in your kitchen. You can also add shelves for extra storage along the top of your bedroom. Install a rack up high to add more space to hang your clothes. If there is free space above eye level, take advantage of it instead of wasting it and using space on the ground. 

Try Rolling Furniture

If you don’t have a lot of room or need to make more space regularly, consider buying or making furniture with casters to easily move your furniture. When your furniture is on wheels, you can rearrange it easily. 

If you’re having overnight guests, you can wheel out your coffee table to make room to pull out the sofa or lay down a futon. If you’re having guests over for dinner and drinks, you can wheel in more seating. It’s much easier to rearrange and prepare for guests when you don’t have to lug heavy furniture in and out of rooms. 


Having a small home or apartment doesn't have to be a burden. With a little creativity, you can maximize all of your space and still feel like you have plenty of room without feeling cramped. Although it may not always be convenient, you can take advantage of all the space your place offers. 

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