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5 Dream Home Ideas That Celebrities Use

Written by Posted On Friday, 16 December 2016 17:53

Building your dream home is a goal on almost everyone’s list. The idea of waking up every morning in a house you designed to meet your precise specifications where everything is a perfect designer’s dream is appealing to everyone. The only thing that differs in this scenario is your personal design tastes. What one person considers a dream home is not the same for another, and that’s all right. If you’re looking for dream home design inspiration and can’t find it in the homes of your friends and family, you might just find what you’re looking for in the homes of celebrities. They have unlimited budgets, professional designers, and impeccable taste. Why not use some of the 5 most popular design ideas celebs incorporate into their own homes whether you’re coming up with Utah house plans for a dream country getaway or a beach theme for your retirement home?


Fire Pits

Not just the kind you pick up at the store with a mental frame and bowl, but the expensive, custom kind. Celebrities want to spend time outside, and they want it to be nicer than the neighbors. This means custom fire pits with custom seating, sometimes water features, and expensive furniture. There are tables that spit fire out of the middle from glass rocks that look innocuous at first, and there are fire pits that overlook infinity pools and outdoor bars. You need a fire pit.


Closet Islands

Celebrities have the most enviable closets in the world, and not just because they’re filled with amazing designer shoes and apparel. One of the most popular celebrity home designs makes the average walk-in closet look paltry. These closets are fit for a king, complete with islands filled with drawers in which to store jewelry and accessories. They have cabinets, shelves, doors, shoe displays, and they have sitting areas. You can add what you want, but it’s the center island that makes the room.


At-Home Bars

What’s the point in going out to entertain yourself when you can simply stock your own bar and serve your guests? This home design is a hugely popular one among celebrities whether you incorporate it on the pool deck or upstairs in the movie theater. The point is to have a bar of your own complete with bar stools, a sink, cabinets and a wine fridge. You get bonus points if you serve wine from your private wine cellar.


Farmhouse Sinks and Shabby Chic

Gone are the days when celebrity kitchens were French and fabulous. They’re all about farmhouse and country chic these days. If you don’t have a farmhouse sink that overlooks your picture window, you’re not a celebrity-influenced designer. It’s also helpful to have all all-white kitchen with a splash of gray. This splash of color is usually added on the island to separate it from the rest of the white kitchen, and it’s all the rage everywhere right now.


Personal Details Everywhere

Celebrities want you to know this is their home, even though you’re never invited. They like to make their designs highly personal, whether they choose to have their monogram on the travertine floors in the foyer or they choose an etched shower glass panel in every bathroom. It’s all about personal details, and you can’t go wrong with this design concept. A way you can incorporate it into your own home with a bit less expense is with a personalized family monogram on the front door or above the fireplace. It’s a little less permanent, which is often ideal for the average family.

You don’t have to use the ideas celebrities love when you design your dream home, but amazing concepts like these make it enticing. Even if you’re designing your dream house on a budget, there’s always something you can do to make your home more celebrity-perfect, and your imagination makes it all possible.

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