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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Written by Posted On Saturday, 17 December 2016 21:33

Having most beautiful carpets to your living space would not make worthwhile keeping. Dirt’s sharp edges would be able to cut the carpets’ fibers thus it will get torn and worn out easily. Moreover while walking across the soiled carpet would also leave the uncarpeted area filled with debris and untidy. Hence carpet cleaning with best carpet cleaner is much more important.

You can do it yourself or you can call for a professional carpet cleaner who would come with carpet cleaning machines like that in order to make the job easily and effectively. Below appending are the tips that tell in detail how you can keep your carpet dirt free as much as possible.

1. Vacuum often

To leave your carpet dirt free, do vacuum cleaning often. Vacuum absorbs the dry dirt hence there would not be any chances of dirt getting wet and then goes nasty. Moreover, frequent vacuuming would help reducing soil building up over the carpet layer indeed. Replace vacuum bags when they’re three-quarters full.

2. Carpet Wash

Carpets of washable types could be easily washed off and dry away. There are n numbers of carpet cleaning solution available in the market, if not also fabric wash powder or soda with hot water can be used to clean the carpets heavily. Also, you can start with a clean bag or filter to wash carpets.

3. Use walk-off mats

Walk-off mats are the types that have inside out to keep the dirt off the carpeting. Such coarse textured tight carpets help to remove soil easily. And on the other side, water absorbent carpets help to prevent wet dirt on the carpets, so as per the season you can change using carpets for better results and for easy cleaning headaches.

4. Vacuuming before and after cleaning

It is actually the best idea to vacuum the carpet before and after washing the carpet. It actually helps to remove dry dirt and once after cleaning, the second chance of vacuuming would help to remove those extra nibbles and bubbles that stick onto the carpet.

5. Pre-treat the Stains

If you happen to soil the carpet with any set of stains, it is advisable to pre-treat it immediately. Wherein prolonged left stains would stick on to the carpet roughly then it might be the biggest challenge to clean it off.

6. Remove furniture

Heavyweight furniture is not to be placed over the carpets hence they would tear the carpets. While try moving furniture, please use aluminum foil squares, wood blocks or plastic films underneath the legs of the furniture.

7. Don’t over wet the carpet

Wetting the carpet would easily fetch in germs & infection and helps the same to get spread all over. Moreover by walking across the wet carpet, one would spread the debris to all the rooms hence infection and illnesses.

8. Dry it thoroughly

Even after thorough washing, carpets must be dried off completely in the heavy hot sun, so that the moisture would get dried off easily. It is not worth effect cleaning if you welcome the moisture back to home after cleaning. Moisture is the dangerous platform that spreads the infection and germs.

Bottom line

Buying of carpets is an easy job and maintaining it properly lies with the challenging part. Weekly cleaning of carpets would leave you the job easy and reduce the dumping of dirt and dust. Moreover, houses with kids and infants must be kept cleaning often, wherein carpets are the place where small insects, tiny germ particles can be easily dwelt over. Though vacuuming helps by a lot mean in cleaning the carpets, it is the best option in calling for professional carpet cleaners to make the job effective.

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