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Home Selling in the Different Seasons – A Guide for 2017

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 21 December 2016 07:23
selling your home in the winter selling your home in the winter

Are you tasked with selling a home, but the seller isn’t in a rush? Waiting until the best time of year to sell could bump the selling price well over what it costs to keep and maintain the home for a few months. Here’s a look at when the optimal seasons are to stage and sell a home.


Everything seems to slow down and stagnate a little in the winter, and this includes the housing market. People focus on the holidays, then on recovering from the holidays, and house hunting isn’t at the front of many people’s minds. However, certain demographics don’t care what season it is when they need a home, so look for those moving for reasons that necessitate an immediate decision, such as military families, or businessmen and women accepting a start of the year promotion.


Homes really stand out in the spring weather; the days are long, allowing more time for open houses and showings, the landscaping will look fresh and flourishing, and the weather will be nice to entice buyers out to look. Competition will start to heat up, which can lead to bidding wars, so better prices are in the offing. Also seek young couples looking to cohabitate or those planning a spring wedding and looking for shared digs.


The housing market takes off during the summer months as the school year begins to wind down. June is normally 29% higher when it comes to home sales compared to the rest of the year, so get ready and push hard for big sales and better income during this prime time of year. Invest in temperature controls that can be activated via a phone app so you can cool houses down when you find out you have a potential buyer en route.


You may find more motivated buyers in the autumn months, thanks to less homes being on the market, but prices will be driven down as well, with sellers seeking to unload before they have to winterize. Buyers will be looking for deals so be prepared to negotiate. You will spend more effort on outdoor staging, but depending on the area of the country you are in, it could be well worth for lovely fall foliage.

In regions where temperate weather is the norm all year long, seasonal variances will be more about the school year. In areas with an aging or snowbird population, you can expect to see spikes in opposite seasons.


Overall, the main season for listing a home is the spring and summer months, and the off-season is the fall and winter months, with the optimal time to list a home for the best price at the beginning of spring – but make sure you familiarize yourself with the local market, watch industry trends, and stage with gusto for best results year-round. connects agents and home owners to buy or sell a home.

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