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Technology Enabling Fast Way of Customer Dispersions

Written by Posted On Friday, 23 December 2016 14:28

It is most of the times the common visual of customers waiting in long lines for their turn at the counter at any public working place. The waiting procedure not just tends to take away a good amount of time for the customer but also slows up the overall process of dispersing off customers from the counter. It is bound to show up as a drawback in the sales results for a company or the service industry in general.

Technology Intervention:

Many of the ways thought so far and implemented to ease up the queuing procedure hasn’t worked to positive effects until now. The technological advancement has spelled a new way of managing long lines of people. It is the very latest of gadgets that have come into the formation which uses ingenious and proven ways of managing and dispersing off long queues of customers.

The gadgets are now extensively in use in the most form of service environments especially like various retail sections, banks as financial institutions, hospitals, healthcare, airports and many others. The very simplest of options like push button service amongst others make the gadgets very much feasible for use in every possible customer service situations. It is through the clever usage of the devices that queuing for customers are fast becoming a thing of the past.

Manufacturers on the Front:

Supplying the service sector with the virtual q or queue management devices are various manufacturers that have been doing the rounds. Every manufacturer has their own separate team of work personnel who reach out with the perfect possible device as soon as a prospect showcases their interest regarding the installation of the same.

Products on Offer:

The products that are dictating the new way of queue management are;

        Ticket dispensing units

        Counter-top displays

        Main display units and


Now to delve a bit into the mentioned devices, the ticket dispensing units print tickets complete with the logo of the company it is installed for, the waiting number of customers on an orderly basis, and the time on the clock at the time of dispensing the ticket stub. The ticket display units are in turn connected to the other systems in the chain like counter top displays and the main displays. The other two devices flash the customer’s number on the screen that is printed on the ticket stub.



The devices are fully suited to support wireless means of communication with the coverage of the devices extending an area close to 500 meters. The work floor thus, where such devices are installed remains clutter free from wires. The devices can be comfortably used across 20 counters since these can be of both of the single service and multi-service type. 




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