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Hottest interior designer tips for 2017—Not only for the wealthy, but for budding start ups like yours and mine

Written by Posted On Monday, 26 December 2016 09:25

Are you ready to redefine luxury in your commercial space? Home interior designers in Bangalore can offer some classic ideas for the new season in 2017. Demonetization also will not affect your budget. Nor are these ideas meant only for the wealthy and super-rich. Today, good looking offices keep employees motivated. In the last 5 years many quirky trends for open offices have been executed. Since, Bangalore has many IT offices and also spaces that are swarmed by entrepreneurs, they have altered the way drab offices look. The trend is to have a theme, fit it in the work culture of the team and reflect the ideology that the company represents. Hence, commercial interior designers in Bangalore are being sought after. 

Has your startup been given the ‘green signal’ to begin operations? What would it be like to have an office like that of Google or Facebook which have created the golden standards in designing and refurbishing office spaces. For an office interior design, Bangalore has its own mini hub where professionals offer their creative services. In 2017, indigo, gold, white and blue will dominate the colour palette. These muted colours will bring calmness, coolness and motivation to work. Blue is an affluent colour and so is indigo. Where ever it is put it brings a touch of class in the space. Along with it similar coloured office curios and personal artefacts light up the space. When you are in the office for long hours, this rich feeling makes you forget time! 

Bring nature into the office space

For long home interior designers have added nature into balconies and given an outdoor feel. The same is now creeping into office spaces also. Natural lighting, colours, and plants in colourful pots and odd shaped containers bring an aura of richness in the executive cabins. Office spaces are no longer in silos where everyone works in secrecy. There are quieter areas for privacy, one to one meetings and common areas where everyone can discuss ideas. Designers can offer ideas to create these spaces rather than making the look like coffee shops or cafes. Such ideas do not need expensive experts. Today, these special ideas are not meant only for wealthy corporates or management cadre. Everyone is on the same platform and works in unison. The year 2017 promises to add a little bit of old world glamour into the working space. The emerging trends will be organic and healthy to promoting holistic work spaces for all-not only the blue chip collared workers or executive class.  

Wallpaper anyone?

Many interior designer firms in Bangalore keep pace with the latest trends of the world. The Hermes wallpaper pips everything else when it comes to luxury designs for the wealthy class homes or offices. While the wealthy may indulge in stuff which will cost annual salary package of at least one decade, people like us can still retain our sanity by being prudent about our décor choices at home or office.  What can we actually do? If you have seen pictures of some wealthy homes or offices and have a few samples, show them to the designer. He will say if the same can be re-created in toto or with certain changes. When you contact a interior design firm in Bangalore, the designer will provide a final look on screen in a 3D format. You can visualize how the reference you have provided will be workable in your environment. 

To get a wealthy look in your space, you will need to trust the firm you hire. Check their credentials and ask for their previous projects. You will get an idea if they can do the job for your office or home. Let us also reveal a secret-all wealthy people who do up their homes and spaces do have a budget. They also do not let the designers run wild with their imagination. Celebrities also lend their name and reduce fees of designers. Probably you will afford them without the hassle of bargaining. Make an appointment today for a free consultation.

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