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7 Tips for Renting with a Roommate

Written by Posted On Friday, 30 December 2016 07:22

Living alone certainly has its perks, but sometimes it's just difficult to afford it.


Having a roommate often gets a bad reputation, but it can also make a nicer, more large place affordable if there are two (or more) people on the lease.

Cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, etc. are great IT and education hubs. People often move to such cities to have a better career and life. If you look for a room for rent in Hyderabad, living alone can be tough, costly too. Here are a few tips on how to harmoniously live with your roommate in a metro city.

1-Set the ground rules

Whether you have known your roommate your whole life or you’re just meeting each other, it's important to set down some ground rules for your living arrangement at the very beginning. Everyone has non-identical needs and wants from their home life, and it's important that you respect each other's desires as much as possible.

2-Know his/her schedule and respect it

Discuss what kinds of plans each of you keep. It could be the complete opposite of yours.

Try to be mindful of your partner’s sleep and work schedule when you want to bust out the guitar or watch a movie with surround sound. Your roommate shouldn't have to walk on eggshells when you're home, but just be courteous as much as you can, and hopefully he/she will return the favor.

3-Know who will pay for what

Living in a metro city can be a little hard to afford, especially when you are a student and carry your expenses with the pocket money given by your family. So be it any metropolitan city, for instance, living in a pg in Hyderabad, can be affordable only if you stay with a partner; it’s better that you divide all the expenses equally among you and your roommate.

The most potentially intense part of living with someone else is figuring out who pays for what in rent, bills, and groceries. It's important to establish these payments as soon as possible so that one person doesn't get completely burdened and resentful.

4-Don't use other’s things without asking

You might be very close to your roommate and know each other for many years, but it’s imperative to ask before using each other’s belongings when you live together in a room or a pg.

You might come from a family where sharing is just part of life, but this practice might be completely disrespectful to your roommate. It's always best to ask - just in case.

5-Set a chore schedule

It’s really difficult to be with someone who plies the dirty or used dishes in the sink for someone else to clean them. To avoid being that roommate, begin a loose chore schedule to follow. Divide your responsibilities – maybe one of you could empty the garbage bin and the other could clean up the dishes.

Do whatever makes appropriate for both of you, and just generally be sure to clean up after yourself. It'll make for a happier household in the long run.

6-Keep it down while he/she sleeps

This goes without saying, but make sure to be quiet while your roommate is sleeping. If you're a night owl, but your roommate is an early riser, be mindful of his/her sleep schedule, and be good while having friends over or playing loud music or games.

7-Be friendly

You may be the perfect roommate on paper: You take out the trash, you do the dishes, and you’re quiet when you need to be quiet. But being a really great roommate also involves having a good relationship with the person you share your home with.



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