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Top Real Estate Markets to Invest In This Year

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 03 January 2017 17:38

The financial forecasters have predicted that the now bullish market is likely to turn bearish in the next few years. This means that investment vehicles such as the stock exchange will really hurt anyone who will be looking to sell at that time. If you are a smart investor, you know that being on the safe side means that right now, you have to invest in commodities such as the real estate business.

The great thing about real estate investing is the fact that regardless of how bad the inflation becomes, the cost of land will always be better than what you bought it at. However, this does not mean that you can invest in any form of real estate. There are factors that can lead to serious losses in the process if care is not taken. For instance:

If you buy in areas that have rising crime rates, the property is likely to devalue as time goes by and people move out.

When you buy land that has liens and other legal issues, you will end up using a lot of money in an attempt to resolve court cases.

If you buy at the wrong time economically, you might end up selling the property for marginal profits or no profit at all.

The reality on the ground right now is that even though the economy has been recovering well over the past eight years, the real estate business is still recovering from the last boom-bust cycle. People born in the 80’s and 90’s are entering their nesting years. Unfortunately, single family homes haven’t recovered from the cutbacks following the financial crisis. If you are looking to buy, try the following metros from around the country.



Seattle is a great place to think about investing in because of the closeness to the coastline, the great infrastructure and reasonable weather conditions. It is predicted that over the course of the next five years, the cost of property in Seattle will greatly increase. This means that if you buy now, you will be making huge gains by the time 2020 comes around.


San Diego

The fact that the city is situated in one of the warmest parts of the country should be enough motivation to buy real estate here. However, for those not convinced yet, the forecast that experts have made about this industry shows that the cost of real estate in this metropolis will keep rising steadily over the next five years and that by 2020; the sector will have grown by close to 7 percent.



Accurate forecasts show that currently, the appreciation rates in the Houston market stand at 1 percent. However, it is estimated that by 2020, the appreciation rates will have gone up to 3 percent. This means that the times to buy in this market is now and preferably hold on to the property for the next five years.



This is one of the markets that will improve greatly over the course of the coming five years. Currently, the appreciation rates stand at 4 percent. It is however predicted that the cost could rise by up to 7 percent by 2020. The best time to buy in Anaheim is right now.


St. Louis

Currently, the growth of the sector in the state stands at 3 percent. The interesting thing is that even though this could go down a little over the course of the next financial year, this market is estimated that it will have grown by about 5 percent by 202, making it a worthy investment.

Those are five metros that a great investor should be thinking about investing in this year. To make smart investment choices, you will need to have real estate investment advice from reliable sources. Think about automated investing with the help of the best advisors in the market. They will assess the moves you want to make and tell you whether they will be beneficial to you or not.

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