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How Revolutionizing Our Home Energy Systems Could Invigorate Green Initiatives

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 03 January 2017 17:51

Scientists have already proven the efficacy of revolutionizing home energy systems. Much depends on advancements in energy technology to determine the future path. However, if advancements in today’s clean energy initiatives are a clue, the future seems linked to creating hi-tech, sustainable energy systems that reduce carbon footprints.

Drawing from the Well of Hi-Tech Professionals

There is evidence that in order to arrive at revolutionizing our energy systems that invigorate green initiatives, the greatest assets lie with highly educated scientists and engineers in environmental and energy technology.


Environmental and ecological scientists create the foundation upon which the design of revolutionized energy grids advances green initiatives. The second tier of energy design is relegated to experts with master’s degrees in electrical engineering, and those with degrees in mechanical and project engineering. From these individuals, the generation of highly developed wind turbines and solar energy will proliferate and become the green initiatives in high demand.


One example of these experts, formerly a NASA engineer, is Michael Strizki, of Hopewell, N.J. In addition to designing desalinization processes for countries suffering from constant drought conditions, he designed and built his home in 2006, which is totally off the electrical grid


This feat was accomplished by designing a solar energy system that provides up to 160 percent of the energy needed. He has since assisted several other homeowners in his area to reach their energy goals.


In this project, Mr. Strizki converted solar energy collected into hydrogen gas which emits only oxygen and pure water. He continues this research and development to reach the goal of clean energy systems that advance green initiatives.

Meeting the Needs of Green Initiatives

As solar and wind energy continue to prove viable forms of clean energy, experts in these technologies find a greater level of existing resources to reduce CO2 and reduce serious effects of climate change. The key to these technologies is sustainability. Since it is now understood that fossil fuels do not provide lasting sustainability, businesses and homeowners are more willing to gravitate toward cost-effective green initiatives and clean, renewable energy.



Clean, renewable energy reduces dependency on fossil fuels in innovative ways. In several U.S. states, solar "farms" are created on acres of solar grids that produce solar energy. In N.J., for example, brown fields and landfills are being remodeled for use as solar energy grids. This is an ideal way to make use of land restricted for use for business or residential construction and invigorate green initiatives.

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