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What’s My Pewaukee Home Value?

Written by Posted On Saturday, 07 January 2017 16:06




Correct Pricing Strategies for Real Estate in Pewaukee


Pricing is one agonizing decision that every home seller faces.


Pricing your home for sale is the number one factor which determines how fast your home will sell or how long it will sit on the market without any offers.


The lower you price your property in Pewaukee, the faster your house is going to sell.


The higher you price your house, the longer it will take to sell.


You want to make sure you use the correct pricing strategies.


Kristin Johnston with Re/Max will prepare a free Pewaukee home value report for you with no obligation.


List your Pewaukee home today with Kristin Johnston - the best REALTOR® in Pewaukee.


Put Yourself in the Buyer’s Shoes


One common mistake home sellers make over and over again is confusing real market value of their houses with emotions and sentimental value.


Home value is an estimate of what a home for sale or a piece of land is actually worth and nothing else.


Sentimental value is the emotional attachment a seller has developed for the home over time which affects pricing.


When a buyer thinks about making an offer on a home, they are looking at what the last homes in the neighborhood sold for. They are not going to take into account any sentimental value you may have attached to the property.


The buyer's agent will educate his or her buyers on what the true market values are at the time. You want to make sure your Pewaukee home value is in line with those numbers.


Kristin Stays On Top Of the Real Estate Market in Pewaukee


The right price does not magically come out from thin air. You can’t just go “Aha!” as if a light bulb in your mind has flickered on, giving you an idea.


You also should not depend on those hundreds of real estate websites which promise you instant home values. They are good for very rough estimates but really lack in details and current market values.


Those sites don't come over to your house to view your upgrades, and they don't walk around your property.


Make an appointment with me, Kristin Johnston. Your home value report is free and you are under no obligation to list your Pewaukee property with me.


Ask Kristin Johnston today about your home's real market value. Market value is determined by what the real estate market in Pewaukee can bear.

Get help from real estate expert Kristin Johnston


It takes years of experience to know how to tackle every difficult task that may come along when selling your home.  It also takes a specific set of skills to be able to deal with different kinds of buyers and keeping  them engaged  throughout the transaction.


That is where people like me come in. I am a professional agent in Pewaukee Wisconsin. You can visit my website at to know more about me and what I can do for you!

I am Kristin Johnston, a full time REALTOR® with RE/MAX Realty Center. Put my extensive knowledge in marketing your listing to use for you. I know how to get your property in front of the most qualified buyers on the internet. Let’s get your home sold! Call me now at 414-254-6647 to get started!













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