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5 Tips to a Less Stressful Relocation

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 17 January 2017 13:01

Moving is always stressful. No matter if you are going for a vacation or changing the place you live, our bodies always sense the different environment. If we are moving to a different city or state, stress levels are even higher, because of the changes in climate, air and temperatures. On top of that, we have to deal with the emotional stress of arranging minor tasks related to the relocation, also scheduling professional help to remove all the furniture, clean thoroughly and any other operations associated with our moving.

Here are some useful tips how to lower your stress during this life-changing process.

#1. Make А Plan

Тhis multipurpose tip is suitable for our relocation either. Making a list with all your tasks is the key to a stress-free and successful move. You could even sketch a timeline including before, during and after sections. This will help you organize important tasks like changing your car insurance or switching your driver’s license/state ID if you are going to live in another state.

#2. Deal With The Clutter

Part of your master moving plan should include time to get rid of unwanted items. Do you have towels that you’ve never used or sets of dishes that haven’t seen food during last year? Get rid of all these items, plus everything else from old newspapers to torn cables and stuff. For old appliances or valuable things like unnecessary clothes, souvenirs and tools, there is a few options. You can make a yard sale, for example, or sell them through eBay or Amazon. Either way you will be gaining extra cash to cover bills and charges. If you are feeling humane, donate certain things for the australian children. Last but not least, consume your entire storage of food in the fridge and the freezer.

#3. Hire Professionals

This is the best way to stay cool and provide yourself with some extra time for packing.

Hire removalists, packers and cleaners to do the work for you. If you live in a rented flat/house, getting your bond back is essential, since you can cover all your moving expenses with it. To ensure your landlord will be happy with the state of the property, hire a trusted local cleaning company which specialises in this matterand enjoy the perfect results. Most cleaning companies offer to come back and re-clean if the lessor is not happy with the interior condition. You can ask your agent for a recommendation too.


#4. Provide Packing Boxes

Begin gathering newspapers and boxes a month before the leave. Ask if your friends have any extra boxes or visit your local grocery store to ask if they can give you some of their needless boxes in-store. This will facilitate the removalists and they could load their truck more efficiently when you are charged on an hourly rate. Also thereby you minimize the risk of breakages.

#5. Focus On Packing For A Day Or Two

Clear your calendar and take a couple of days off so you can focus entirely on that single task.

You will tick off tasks one by one faster and more qualitative than if you pack in short periods of time. Try to suborn some of your friends to help you pack with а promise that you’ll cook them a delicious dinner next evening.





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