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Making a House a Home: Things to Consider

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 17 January 2017 19:33
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I love entering into other people’s lives and walking along side them. Being in real estate allows me to do that in unique ways and affords me that opportunity I wouldn’t otherwise have. Building relationships is what matters to me and solid relationships are built over time. My closest friends are family.

I have three dear friends from 1st grade at Armstrong Elementary that are like sisters to me. We have basically lived life with each other. Certain seasons in life have not allowed for much time together with long phone conversations having to suffice. Each of their lives are very different yet have similar threads of love, stress, goodness, frustration, and joy running through their days. I love entering into their homes and lives when I visit. They live in beautiful places and have lovely lives. Their homes are beautiful and full of life, laughter, and great food! Food not being one of my strong suits…but that’s a different story!

I love seeing where they run their errands so I have perspective when we talk. For the two that have children, I love watching how their days run and what the witching hours of 4-7 pm look like so I know how to encourage them. I love hearing their children laugh and fight and witness what good moms they are even when they have that wild look in their eyes! I love seeing their husbands come home at the end of a hard day’s work and neither of them know the dragons his wife has slayed throughout the day, but none of that matters now–the highest priority is dinner and getting those kids to BED!

Being at their homes is good for my soul. I leave their homes a better person, wife, and mom. I learn new life hacks and become a little more “in the know.” Their homes are warm and loving and inviting because they make them that way. They make a house a home. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 6000 square foot, 6 bedroom home or a 600 square foot basement apartment–it’s their hearts and talent that make them unendingly fabulous. They aren’t perfect nor do they claim to be perfect…but it’s that imperfection that makes them perfect to me. Home is what we make it to be and they make home a place I want to be.


When it’s time for you to start considering a new home or area, consider these questions:

  • What are the traffic patterns around areas you’re considering? Especially when you’ll be coming and going from work, church, school, etc.? Consider school zones and potential carpool lanes–does that affect your day or not?

  • How close is a grocery store and other things you’ll need and does the distance of those places work for you and your family?

  • Do you really LOVE a certain area so much that you’re willing to sacrifice on _____ in order to live there?

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Kelli Macatee

Our home impacts us daily. There is nothing more exciting to me than watching someone step into a home that helps them thrive--no matter what life stage they're in.

With a masters in clinical psychology, specializing in brain health, family systems, personality dynamics, and research, as well as over 15 years business experience, Kelli brings a unique combination of business expertise and personal care to her clients. She’s a bulldog and a deal maker by nature. She started early, at the age of 6, wheeling and dealing her art projects in the neighborhood. Her knack for vision combined with meticulous detail equips her to bring her clients the very best.

Kelli’s roots in research allow her to sift through large amounts of data quickly and put it to practical use. This skill learned in grad school is something she uses every day in real estate as well as through her blog, Macatee Wellness


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