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New Year's Home Resolutions You Will Actually Want to Keep

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 17 January 2017 22:48

Is it okay if we don’t talk about spring cleaning? It always makes the resolution list. But it always gets pushed somewhere near the bottom. That’s because no one really enjoys doing a deep cleaning of the home from attic to basement. If we enjoyed it, then it wouldn’t be much of a resolution. It would be like eating more ice cream as your resolution.


So instead, let’s talk about a few resolutions you can make for your home that you will actually want to keep. There are plenty from which to choose. A new home is nothing if not an unending series of incomplete projects begging for your attention.

Many of those projects fall into the category of chores. There will always be chores. But those are not the tasks that make you enjoy your home. Those are just the tasks that keep it in good condition. Here are three of the most fun tasks you can set for yourself this year:

Turn Your Yard into a Park

Are you the kind of person who likes to go to a park? It’s okay if by walk you mean a nice long sit on your favorite park bench. What you really love is likely being outdoors enjoying the peace and beauty of the elements. Whether walking the dog or contemplating a zen garden. It is all about having an excuse to be outdoors.

Creating just the right setting starts at your feet. It is all about the surface you select. The Kentucky bluegrass seed might give you a more park-like feel as opposed to the velvet blue seed blend that lends itself to a more golf course look and feel.

If you find that you are allergic to grass, There is always pine straw and decorative pine bark that will give your yard a more woodsy feel. You might even try for different colored gravel and a sandpit for those zen moments with no maintenance.

Why go to the park when you can live in one? It is an inexpensive upgrade that will make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Create a Proper Retreat

It doesn’t matter whether it is a man cave or the ultimate craft room. It just needs to be something that brings joy and delight to someone in the home. That extra bedroom is not living up to its full potential as a guest room that remains unused most of the time, or as storage for uncategorized junk. That kind of usage delights no one.

Turning it into the ultimate man cave does not have to break the bank. A comfy chair, a desk, a coffee maker, and a television (no one else in the house wants to watch college hoops) is pretty much all you need to get started.

A craft room will need a couple of tables, some shelves, and a nice stand for the needlework. It could be a game room with a used Ms. Pac Man arcade game and the air hockey table from your best childhood memories. The point is that it be transformed from a space no one uses to a space that someone will spend hours everyday enjoying.

A Proper Environment for Entertaining

We don’t have guests anymore. People just informally pop in and out. But some of us have read a few too many British novels about bygone times, and long for the days of sitting rooms with a proper tea service. Why not turn that longing into a reality?

Some houses are built with an extra room that is sometimes called a family room, sometimes a den. But it is separate from the living room. Instead of letting it go to the kids, dirty socks, and Cheetos stains, why not set it up with more formal appointments for inviting over company?

Among the best entertainment tips you can have for your new home is to set aside a suitable place for entertaining. The kids can play with the Nintendo Switch some place else. One elegant space in the house is not too much to ask.

Bring the park a lot closer to home. Make a space for when you want to get away. And reserve one area of the house for proper entertaining. These all involve some work. But it will be the most enjoyable house work you do all year.

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