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Inside the Secret Life of a Real Estate Agent – 4 Things You Should Know

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 17 January 2017 23:41


Most people have a perception of their real estate agent that isn’t quite in line with reality. People either love or hate real estate agents, defining them as “good” or “bad” and not seeing much further than the surface. If you are buying real estate in Orlando, Florida, you’re more focused on getting a good deal than really seeing your agent as a person.

However, real estate agents are just like you and me. They have lives outside their work, homes of their own, families, worries, and bills, they also have unique concerns and fears that only other real estate agents can truly relate to and appreciate!

The Sale Means a LOT to Us

Unlike people who work for an hourly wage, real estate agents work all hours and days of the week in hopes of a few sales a month. When we have a client on the hook, it’s literally the difference between being able to pay for their kids’ soccer uniform and their own rent – or being homeless themselves. Lots of people don’t realize that their agent puts in all the time and effort on a “hope” that a real estate deal closes.

Avoid Questions We Can’t Answer

Don’t ask us about crime rates in the zip code, or whether or not your house is haunted. We legally can’t say anything that could be construed as negative about the home unless it’s a solid fact (we also can’t make up positive stuff about a house.) We do have to tell you if the home ever had termite damage, or if someone died in the master bedroom. Other than that, our job is to show the home to you and let you draw your own conclusions.

Please Don’t Fight with your Spouse

So many couples go house hunting and have completely different ideas of what they are looking for. This can lead to some ugly interactions we’d rather not be party to. Hash out your issues before you start looking for your forever home, or just one of you may end up with it! Your real estate agent isn’t your therapist.

Understand Our Nervousness

A real estate agent meets you, a stranger, in an empty house at an odd hour. There’s no way to know if there’s a plan to assault us in the mix. This goes double if we’re female and you’re not. Don’t be surprised if we show up with a friend in tow, stay on our phone while showing you the house, or ask to keep appointments in daylight. We don’t know you, and we have to respect our own safety.

Understanding a little bit about us can help you appreciate the real estate agents you meet more than you did before – and make buying your next home a little more of a human experience now that you know your agent is just another person like you.

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