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Best Tips for Looking at Real Estate When You Have Kids

Written by Posted On Thursday, 19 January 2017 17:08

Someone single or a couple looking for a starter home with no desire for children will likely look for a smaller home or one in a less desirable locale, but families with kids need more. Having children and buying a house is difficult. You need to find the right environment, and you have to look for this house with your children with you to gauge their reactions as well. Here four tips for property shopping with your kids.

Size and Space Matter

Size always matters in the important things in life, especially when you have kids who are always running around. Let’s face it, they are can be noisy and so they definitely need some space. Go and see homes that have multiple bedrooms and let your kids claim which rooms or sides of the rooms would be their’s if you ended up living there. This will help your kids to be more excited and comfortable with the change. Seeing that they will have a space for all of their toys and a space to call their own can be quite comforting to children who are about to go through a move. 

Let Them Voice Opinions

Anyone who has kids knows that they have opinions and love to give their two cents about everything. The same goes to picking out a house. Do you know what your kids think of that? Do you know what they want or expect in a new home? If not, then this would be a great excuse for your family to sit down with a licensed realtor, like those from the Dee Evans Group, and have your kids voice what they would like their rooms to look like and what kind of yard they want to be able to play in. Of course, the adults in the situation will have the ultimate say, but this will help them to feel like what they have to say truly matters.

Keeping Your Children Well-Behaved While Looking

Fact is that children can be restless, especially when adults are talking about things that they would consider to be boring or when the attention isn’t entirely focused on them. During times like this, you may want to sit them down at a table or on the floor somewhere with a tablet or some other type of device so that they can watch a movie or play games whiles you’re talking to the realtor and looking around the home. If you’re at an open house and want to do this, just make sure to bring headphones for them so that the noise doesn’t distract anyone else.

Hopefully, these tips will provide some help for you while house shopping with your kids. Just make sure to keep them as involved as possible and you’ll end up finding the home of your family’s dreams!

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