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Decorate your Living Room to Make a Great Living Space

Written by Posted On Friday, 20 January 2017 10:26

Eldeco Edge Apartments in Delhi NCR - Interior

An apartment is close to a person’s heart, especially the one people buy on their own for the first time. That is the apartment they can truly call their own and if you have recently bought an apartment in one of the top residential complexes in Delhi NCR, then styling it according to your own needs and comfort is very important.


Modern apartments built by reputed realtors already have classy interiors and the best designs but an apartment cannot be called a home until it looks cosy and feels like your own personal happy place. After all, it will be the place where you will unwind after a long day’s work right? So, ensure that you buy the right apartment that offers all modern amenities and also decorate it accordingly. 

For people who are going to settle in Delhi NCR, there are plenty of ready to move in apartments in Delhi NCR which are up for grabs. You just have to contact the top realtors and ask them to show around the various residential complexes so that you can select your future home. These residential complexes not just offer great homes but also excellent amenities.

Decorating the Living Room of your Apartment


Eldeco Olympia Apartments in Delhi NCR

One of the most important places in any house is the living room. Your living room is the place where you can host small gatherings with your close friends and relatives. It’s also a place where you spend some quality time with your own family members. Thus, it becomes important that you decorate your living room to perfection and ensure that no element is missed altogether. Take help from some of the tips mentioned below:

  • For a small living room that is in a square shape, it is recommended to buy furniture that is round. Tables and chairs and other pieces of artefacts should be either round or have round designs and patterns on it. 
  • Lighting in your living room is essential. Fill it up with small lamps and other sources of light which will brighten up your living space. You should also consider buying carpets and other items in the living room in a brighter colour.
  • If your apartment came with the standard issue blinds, you should get rid of them and add curtains instead. Curtains in pastel colours always make a room brighter and warm. Also, if you want to make your living room appear larger, you can add curtains all around the living space and consider adding the floor to ceiling curtains to make your living room more dramatic and unique.
  • Add a small sofa with lots of pillows and cushions. You should not go for a sofa that will make the living room stuffed. However, you can play around with the colour and the shape of the pillows and cushions as well. 

In the end, it is your home and you have the freedom to play around with every element. You can do anything you want but don’t go overboard and always have the right colours and textures in your mind when you are decorating your living room or any part of the house.

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