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4 interior design trends to use in your dental waiting room

Written by Posted On Saturday, 21 January 2017 05:07

 If it’s time to give your dental waiting room a little updating, then you should make sure that you are paying attention to the four most important interior design trends that are moving through the country at the moment. You don’t want to make it too obvious that you’re not paying attention to fashion, and yet at the same time you do not want to display yourself as a complete slave to it. You need to give your patients a dental waiting room that is a refuge from stress, but isn’t so boring that they start to fall asleep! Here are the four interior design trends that you should be using in your dental waiting room, and which type of patient will thank you for them!

1.       White minimalism

There is no greater way to bring calm into a room than to give it white as the main focus and colour. Having white walls and a white ceiling is a clever way of making a room feel larger, which is exactly what you want if your dental waiting room is a little on the small side. Having an airy feeling is also a great way to help patients who get very nervous about visiting a dentist; studies have shown that feeling claustrophobic and trapped often accompanies feelings of anxiety, and so you will really help your patients who have a fear of the dentist.

2.       Greenery and plants

Having green and growing things in your dental waiting room not only makes the place feel alive, but it will demonstrate to your patients that you have green fingers, something that is always nice to see in a member of the medical or dental profession! They don’t have to be complicated to grow, and you can buy them already quite large, but they will make children in particular instantly relax and feel calmer, which will be a service to their patients just as much as to them!

3.       Rich earthy tones

If you want to use a colour as a highlight in amongst all of the white, then one of the biggest interior design trends going on at the moment is rich earthy tones; think terracotta, and burnt umber, and dusky yellows. These are the colours that are going to bring warmth into your dental waiting room, essential if you want to ensure that there is no horrible clinical feeling for those who have to wait there. We have found that the elderly in particular do not like to feel as though they are visiting a hospital when they are going to the dentist, and having a deep warm colour in your dental waiting room will make sure that they don’t feel that.

4.       Cushions and rugs

Last but by no means least, cushions and rugs! We cannot overemphasise just how important it is for your dental waiting room to have cushions and rugs, from a very basic comfort level as well as from a practical level. Those patients who are in a great amount of pain, such as those hoping for a painless filling, will not want any other discomfort whilst they are waiting, so having hard and uncomfortable chairs in your dental waiting room simply is not an option. Always make sure that you have an abundance of soft furnishings that can be easily moved around the room, depending on who has greatest need, and you’ll find that your patients are much happier to wait.

How many of these four interior design trends are you already following – and how many will you start using now?

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