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Pointers for Selling a Home on Social Media

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 25 January 2017 08:42

Social media has unfathomable amount of reach if it's organised correctly and these tips are there to help you do just that. 

1. Target Specific Keywords 

The first thing Oprey did was look for the exact keywords that people would use if they were looking to buy a house in Northcote. With the help of John, he came up with “houses, Northcote, auction, and sale. Theses were used in everything from the URL of the WordPress blog with the property information Why is this so crucial? Because all the content surrounding the marketing campaign must carefully crafted to suit the consumer. This is a fundamental of proper SEO. 

2. Use a WordPress Microsite

Using a microsite allows you to present your property in a very personal way and also serves as a platform for lead conversion and SEO campaigns. WordPress is one of the most versatile and popular platforms in existence; with it, professional appearance and impactful engagement is possible to just about anyone. Beyond being SEO friendly, a WordPress site can support a wide  range of different types including video files, images, documents and social media widgets. 

3.  Build a Campaign for All Major Social Media Platforms

Twitter may have been the first stop for Oprey, but it wasn’t his last. A blog, Facebook Page, Flickr account, YouTube Channel and accounts for Picasa and Posterous too. All this for the single Northcote project. By posting plenty content in images, videos and text content, Oprey knew that the Northecote property would show up on the most searches and across as many web pages as possible. Oprey also invested enough time into each one of his channels that they all ranked No. 1 for the keywords he had selected. 

Fostering engagement via the addition of tools such as this also helps. 

4. Personalize with Collaboration

The unspoken rule is that sellers and buyers should refrain from interacting so as not to jeopardize the the transaction. But this is just not proper social media practice. Because of the great distances between you it is possible to develop a more personal communication and sell the finer features of the home. The agent did this by working closely with the home’s original owner and capturing the personal side of the home as a living experience. This made excellent content for Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and the blog.

The benefit of this approach was that the house stood out from the other options and provided the agent with content that would have been difficult to come up with on his own. One blog post was created with this title “Top 10 Reasons to Live Here by the People Who Lived Here.” This article featured many comments, images and videos of homelife  in the Northcote property.

Having a clear line of communication with the property owners allowed the agent to communicate the the social media audience the finest aspects of the home from the eyes of the previous owner. This makes the house much more than a collection of rooms, it becomes a home and a story in the buyer's eyes. 

5. Share and Share Some More

Consistency is essential in social media advertising, the second your last post is out of your audience's mind you should already have a new attraction to look at. Posting regularly allows you to build an interests and plenty of followers in time. This also keeps you atop the search results for your keywords. Oprey did a good job of this and posted daily, “ on many different subjects that were all pointed to raising awareness and interest in the Northcote house. 

6. Get Professional Assistance

Homeowners may think they can do this without the help of an experienced agent, and agents can think they aren’t in need of marketing help. Oprey collaborated with both the homeowner and the agent when he marketed the Northcote home. This gave him the very things he needed to craft a compelling and effective marketing strategy.

The best practices for marketing real estates combines the experience of the homeowners, the marketing expertise of the marketers and the agents tying the campaign together. This is the best way to orchestrate a successful deal.

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