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4 Most Overrated Places in London You Shouldn’t Visit

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 31 January 2017 00:50

“When it comes to count on the most beautiful cities in the world, no one can dare to exclude London. But unfortunately, besides thousands of resplendent places, the city also houses a bunch of places that are unduly overrated. And these are the places you should never visit as a tourist.”

Last year in 2016, London was crowned as the most beautiful city in the world. Well, there is no doubt that the city really deserves a lot of applauds for its majestic beauty, clement surrounding, and oodles of splendid allures. However, despite of all these mesmerizing attributes, one could not deny the fact that London also has some of the places that are unreasonably overrated. Here we’ve compiled a list of such places that you as a tourist, should always avoid.

1. Oxford Street

The reason which drags you away to this place is that it’s awful and you would indeed realize its height of awfulness during your visit, if you, even after reading this post, intend to visit. And why it’s so bad is because it provides you worst shopping experiences. Everything is settled here in an extremely small space that you’ll feel like you’re trying to adjust in a matchbox with 10 more people of your size. 

Or if you are planning to get into the Oxford Circus, just forget it, you won’t be able to do it. If you have meeting with anyone outside the Oxford Street Circus station, I bet, you won’t find them around you due to heavy rush that the place explicit. You will simply be lost. Instead this, you can find your way to Covent Garden, Carnaby street or anywhere else except this.

2. Leicester Square

Oh My Gosh! What Londoners find attractive about Leicester Square is only the restaurants around, they’re so unique, and you would be surprise to see they still exist. And one of such restaurants is Angus Steakhouses. For the folks seeking for the destination to watch the glitzy movie premieres, the place comes in. 

Still, you won’t be able to get close because, when you’re on, the place gets shut down. The price for the cinema is too expensive here. And if you visit here on Friday, you won’t do nothing except going back since people are drunk and seek out for Kebab. In the year 2012, the area got renovated under £15 million but you won’t find many improvements here except the pavement and newly built railing.

3. Piccadilly Circus

All the voyagers, who visit London, head to this place and why they do so is really confusing. Piccadilly Circus is a heavily busy junction. So busy, you will largely found it jam-packed with traffic. At the first sight, there are various colossal illuminated signs that seem attractive at the first visit. But they’re no more comparative to the Times Square. It’s a small pavement area which intensely packed with the sightseers that makes you feel like covered in a box with no oxygen. Moreover, at the same time when you head, you can find hundreds of students, having lunch at the Eros Statue. Seriously, it’s indeed devastating. 

4. Harrods

Londoners never go to Harrods, seriously, they never go. If by chance, they land up there for any reason, they just look around there, ask for the food price and then mock over it. That’s it! The prices for food in the food kitchen here are exterminating. Many Londoners intend to visit here since they think, will have the typical British experience, but they actually not. Rather, you should prefer Liberty in Regent Street which is actually very British and for the fancy window-shopping, go to the posh shops around Bond Street.

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