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Living Closer to Campus Alleviates Students' Stress

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 31 January 2017 14:45
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Apartments near UF are available walking distance from campus for busy, committed students with numerous educational obligations. By living so close to campus, students are able to thoroughly involve themselves with all of the activities and clubs that the University of Florida has to offer. This enhances the quality of life and gives the chance to fully engage without limitations in a student’s college career.


As one of the top and largest schools in Florida, UF has plenty of opportunities to enrich the lives of their students whether it is through sorority and fraternity affairs, leadership and service or student-run organizations. Trimark Properties has found that having apartments close to UF campus provides residents with the added bonus of convenience and having time on their side. These properties are equipped with incredible amenities and features that create a space to decompress and relax after a long day of class and meetings. Students understand the value of being in such close proximity to campus, and appreciate the benefits of living in a modern, quality apartment.


Here is a list of some of the closest apartments to UF campus:


1) Royale Palms Luxury Apartments - 18 step walk from UF Campus




2) Estates at Sorority Row - Located directly on UF Sorority Row




3) Camden Court - 1 block away from UF Business School

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