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Prepare your house for storms and severe UK weather, says Association of British Insurers (ABI)

Written by Posted On Thursday, 02 February 2017 12:37

Winter season is often considered as storm season in the United Kingdom and it’s time to make everyone alert about the possibilities of damage to their property. After the storms Barbara and Conor, people have just got back to a normal life and cleaned up their homes, streets and driveways. However, the unpredictable weather may pose similar challenges in the near future.

Tenants need to take care of their property and prepare their homes to combat the bad weather conditions. Home insurance providers advise customers to remain cautious and take measures to minimise the damage to their property. Mark Shepherd, head of property at the Association of British Insurers, expressed his views by saying that “We are now into storm season and Storm Conor is unlikely to be the last to hit the UK this winter.” 

According to him, UK citizens should closely monitor the weather forecasts and make sure that there are no lose items or ill fitted gates, which can be swept away by the heavy winds. He said that “If flooding is likely, you should move valued possessions and as much furniture as possible upstairs if you can.” In addition to this, the people of the United Kingdom should have the best household cover and keep the insurer’s emergency number at hand.

Experts suggest that if there are huge trees in the vicinity of your home then it is advisable to cut the low-hanging branches to prevent them from falling on the home building in case of heavy winds. One should also keep a home emergency kit with necessary requirements like torches, batteries, water, tinned food, shovel and warm clothes.  Apart from this, all the valuables should be shifted to a safer place, so as to avoid damage. I read an article stating the Facts of York Floods along with few useful tips to keep in mind for such natural calamity.

Keeping your mobiles fully charged would help in case you are stranded on the road or stuck up in the snow or need to stay outdoors for long. If your area is on high alert then try to stay inside the home until further instructions by the met department. If after the storm has passed you face any damages, you should contact your home insurance provider in case you need to claim for the storm damages.

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