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The Importance of Raccoon Removal

Written by Posted On Friday, 03 February 2017 19:50

Raccoons Are Notorious Night-Time Invaders

Raccoons are some of the most infamous night-time invaders throughout the Northeast. They thrive most effectively and successfully where there are woods and forests that they can live in, but are very adept at making their way into both rural and suburban homes and yards, looking for food that they can eat. Many raccoons will stay in their homes in the woods, but it is becoming more and more common for them to come into close proximity with humans in order to get the food and water that they need. 

When they come to neighborhoods, they typically come at night. There are less obstacles in their way to food, and they can hide in the trees near homes when they need to. However, this makes it harder for home owners to deal with the problem that they pose.


Raccoons Can Be Destructive

Raccoons typically do not harm people, unless they have been cornered, and have no other way out. Raccoons are not vicious, and will only attack when they feel threatened and they cannot run away.  However, they also enjoy eating bird eggs, which can mean that if you have chickens in your yard, they can get hurt. Typically, most raccoon removals occur because the animals have caused damage to property around the house. Trashcans, roofing tiles, backyards, plants, and fountains are all susceptible to damage. When raccoon damage has become too much for you and your family to handle, whether physical damage to your yard, or injury to chickens and birds, raccoon removal and controlling procedures can help.


What Does Raccoon Removal Entail?

For those who decide to hire someone to get rid of their raccoon problem, there is a multiple step process that needs to be followed. In order to stay safe when trapping and removing raccoons, it is always advised to hire a professional, so that you do not get hurt in the process. It is also unadvised for you to remove your raccoons on your own, because where you remove these animals to are strictly controlled by the law.

Experts are going to be able to safely set traps for the animals, which will not hurt or maim the animals in the process, and then take them away and release them in a safe location that follows the law. The raccoons are not hurt, or killed in this process. You do not need to exterminate them, but it is important to remove them from the area and the property, and take them somewhere safer for them, and away from humans.

For the best raccoon removal services in the New England area, Best Way Wild Life is an affordable and effective way to deal with all of your raccoon removal needs.

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