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Spring Gardening is a Great Way to Boost Curb Appeal

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 08 February 2017 14:08

Are you trying to sell your house? Do you have a green thumb? If you answered “yes” to both of those questions, then you are just the person to be reading this article. Selling a house is tough work in some markets. You’ll need to market hard, choose your price carefully, and work as hard as you can to create the perfect first impression when a prospective buyer comes to see your property.

When some homeowners think about curb appeal, they might think about the state of the exterior paint, or how often they water the lawn, but a garden can actually be one of the most impressive ways to boost curb appeal. Not only that, a garden can be an incredibly useful and rewarding pursuit in its own right, one which will provide food, activity, and relaxation for as long as you continue to live in your home.

Lots of people have never considered putting a garden in their front yard (or whichever yard is visible from the curb), but that might be because they haven’t considered everything that a garden can be. If you have open soil that gets good sun exposure, there is no limit to what you might grow. For the purpose of curb appeal, plants that are impressive and useful are the best. There are many examples.

One option might be edible fruit trees, like apples, pears, cherries, or citrus trees. These trees blossom impressively in the spring, and provide a bounty in the fall when it comes time to harvest. Dwarf varieties and manageable, perfect for people who would find a fruit tree charming but without the difficulty of lots of upkeep.

Flowering hedges can easily be incorporated into any landscape or garden. This can provide boundaries and structure to a garden. It can be a windbreaker to the side of your house. It can frame a lawn. It can draw in attractive wildlife like birds. It’s a perfect choice to put into your garden this spring. If edible fruit is your thing, blackberry bushes of certain varieties can provide much the same function as a traditional hedge.

Flowers are a perfect choice for a garden meant to impress. We love passion flowers for container gardens, and large flowering perennials for the ground. Some homeowners will enjoy choosing regionally native perennial flowering plants, which will be impressive to the eye for many years to come, having evolved to thrive in exactly the same climate you live in.

If you create the right garden in the right place, it can even build your equity. There are certain kinds of buyers who will see a garden and immediately imagine themselves working in it. It becomes almost like an outdoor playroom or recreation space, though it isn’t technically part of the square footage of the house. Think and plan carefully. You’ve got time before the spring really kicks in. If you have lots of potential buyers coming in the near future, give them a feast for the eyes with a beautiful garden. 

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