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How to Explain a Leasing Contract to Students

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 08 February 2017 21:54

After high school students get accepted to college, the ones who plan to leave home to live near campus begin looking for housing. Although the search can be overwhelming due to the amount of available houses and apartments for rent, it’s also a time of great excitement as these students begin to envision what it will be like living on their own. When they finally decide where to live, it’s crucial for leasing agents to not let the student overlook the importance of understanding the leasing contract and its legal meaning in their euphoria for renting their own apartment.

Follow these 3 steps when explaining a leasing contract to young tenants:

Step 1 – Explain everything the tenant should expect from their property manager.

Let the student know about the features and amenities that come with their unit. At Trimark Properties, a property manager specializing apartments in Gainesville, FL, tenants can expect nothing less than a luxurious stay. Trimark’s extensive portfolio of luxury apartments walking distance to Sorority Row feature amazing community designs, gourmet kitchens with granite countertops, modern appliances, living rooms with elevated ceilings, spacious bedrooms, spa-like bathrooms and so much more. Even more, Trimark provides free interment for most of its luxury properties and takes care of all lawn and outdoor maintenance. After detailing all of the catering and pampering that will be done for them, future tenants should now be well prepped to hear what is expect in return.

Step 2 – Detail everything the property manager expects from the tenant.

Now is the perfect time to get the student’s undivided attention and inform them as to their responsibilities. Yes, freshmen know they must pay their rent, but do they fully understand the procedures taken by the leasing office if payment is not received? Do they know what the late fee amount is? Explain everything in detail. These are young students who most likely have never paid rent so the concept of paying bills can be familiar to them because they heard their parents talk about it, but the consequences of not paying rent most likely is very foreign to them. Also, are they aware of actions not tolerated inside the complex? Apartment complexes tend to have general rules for tenants. Make sure to go over the following themes and any restrictions associated for them:

  • Interior decoration
  • Common areas
  • Parking
  • Pets
  • Trash
  • Noise





Step 3 – Educate tenants on how to get their security deposit back

It’s very common for college students to host parties at their apartments. They are finally out of their parents’ house and they want to enjoy their pad as much as possible. But wear and tear on the apartments can cause tenants their security deposit. Advise tenants to preserve the condition of the apartment. Give them tips for stain removals and wall perforations. Also, let them know about appliance care. Tenants know when you have their best intentions in the forefront, and they will appreciate the time you take to steer them from losing money.


It might feel like discussing unpleasant hypothetical scenarios with future tenants goes against the positive attitude leasing agents want to have on signing day, but doing so can help them prevent unsatisfied students who claim they were never told what the contract was all about. 

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