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Edwards Landfill Waste Management Solutions and Its Importance

Written by Posted On Monday, 13 February 2017 09:36

Landfills play a vital role in the process of waste management. However, landfills in the past were not regulated and did not follow proper guidelines when it comes to waste handling and processing. In the current times, landfills had changed.

The handling process, treatment, and even disposal had changed. Technology and researchers had already created different means and ways in ensuring that landfills operate sustainably. Sustainable operations are key to success in order to avoid similar pitfalls in the past, such as what happened in Brooks Road Environmental, which is now known as Brooks Road Landfill.

The incapacity of the government to overlook operations in landfills because of the lack of proper legislations had caused landfills, including Edwards Landfill, to operate unsustainably. To give some perspective, there was no regulations governing the handling, processing, and disposal of hazardous waste in Ontario. With this, the said landfill and even other landfills operated without considering the effects of the waste to the community.

Fortunately, the times and regulations had changed. Waste management solutions provided by landfills, including the new Brooks Road Landfill formerly known as Edwards Landfill, now operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment (MOE). Today, it is vital that laws and technology must be used to ensure the protection of the community’s natural resources especially when looking at how waste are managed.

Waste Management Solutions

  • Personal Management

There are different types or solutions to manage waste, may it be in small or large scale. The most basic means of managing waste material is following the hierarchy of reduce, re-use, recycle. This means that starting from homes, businesses, or offices, people are expected to reduce their waste in order to minimize waste.

The process of reducing waste can be achieved is to ensure that reusable items are saved and reused to its full extent. Reusing items means that the user is extending the life of that disposable material. Therefore, ensuring that the material will be disposed only after it has reach its full usability.

For materials that are recyclable, communities or businesses may take the recycle on their own hands. Plastic waste, such as cups can be recycled for other purpose; remember, creativity is also key.

  • Traditional Large-Scale Management

For landfills, such as Brooks Road Environmental (BRE) or now known as Brooks Road Landfill, there are a lot of debates about their function and importance. The oppositions come from that fact that landfills in the past were open and mostly situation in locations near the public. The lack of proper and applicable laws building and choosing landfill locations was one of the reason why many oppose to this concept of waste management.

However, as modern machineries, researches, and government intervention through policies, the perception on landfills had changed. Aside from abiding with the laws, landfills such as Brooks Road Field, also follows sustainable policies. These policies encompases sustainable processing, recycling, and disposing procedures. Being able to operate in a properly constructed landfill allows a safer and more efficient waste management.

In a large-scale means of processing and managing waste, there are also sub areas that must be followed by the landfill along with the importance of assessing what should and can be disposed in the area.

For one, legal landfills have the sustainable way disposing contaminated soil. Contaminated soil are the soil that has been in contact with hazardous chemicals or hazardous elements which must be disposed and moved. The process of disposing these soil needs proper handling of the contaminated soil. Disposal differs from one location to another. However, it must be disposed according to the guidelines implemented by the government.

For small scale and large scale businesses. The importance of waste management is crucial for the sustainability of the business. For example, restaurants are expected to disposed their commercial waste properly, even their liquid waste in order to avoid contaminating other resources.

Therefore, for commercial waste disposal, it’s important to find the best and trusted in the field, according to Richard Weldon, Romspen, an expert in business strategies. The landfill facilities that businesses works with must be licensed to avoid any setbacks in the pickup down to the disposal of the waste. Those who are looking for commercial waste disposal facilities must also ensure that the facility complies with policies in the area.

Waste management is crucial for businesses considering that most clients or customers also considers the sustainability of their brands when shopping, dining, and the like. Therefore, businesses such as those operating Southwestern Ontario, must find waste services disposal that caters to their sustainable policies along with offering competitive price for the service.

Waste Management Aspects

Aside from the services offered, pricing strategy, and the sustainability of the waste service provider, businesses and even communities must also research more about the landfill. Remember that almost every landfill in the past had done negative to the environment. Fortunately, landfills now already set their own limits and boundaries. For example, Brooks Road Environmental formerly known as Edwards Landfill already limits is daily acceptable material to 500 tonnes everyday. Therefore, the landfills already knows their capacity which eventually turns their sustainable efforts into realizable goals.

Consider the convenience of sustainable landfills in your areas now. Remember that landfills are not just the last destination of our waste, so choose wisely and start your own waste management at home or your business to contribute to sustainability, too.

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