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Necessary Attributes to look in a Cordless Phone at Home

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 14 February 2017 08:25

 How do you inform your boss that you are going to be late for the office because of the traffic jam? Being a working mother, how do you balance out your work life and your compulsive need to check on your children? How to contact your near and dear ones, while you are out for vacation or business? The short but simple answer lies in owning a reliable telephone service.

Telephone is perhaps the greatest technological innovation made for the purpose of communication. Since its invention in 1876, it has managed to become an integral part of the human lives. With the gradual progress of science; society has seen many diverse types of telephones, starting from cordless to mobiles. It is an all-purpose tool, which has effectively made its place in all the domains of our living. Telephones have an all-pervading presence these days - ubiquitous in homes, offices, banks, hospitals, shops, restaurants and virtually in every patch of land where human civilization has found a foothold. In today's era, most people would not be able to get through a single day without this much-adored and much-needed device. Further, we would concentrate our discussion on a particular type of telephone- Cordless, its features and advantages.

Cordless Phones

The first cordless phone was invented in the year 1965, when people realized that they need the excellent service of telephone, not only at their homes but also away from it. These wireless devices are noted for their primary feature of portability and have soon gained widespread popularity throughout the world. Choosing the right kind of cordless phone for your home could be a difficult task. This is because a series of options, with diverse outstanding features are readily available in the market. Therefore, individuals must keep in mind the operating atmosphere and select a cordless, with the suitable features, in order to get optimal performances and best voice quality.

Things to take into account before choosing a Cordless for your Home

·         Analog or Digital- The initial cordless phones used to be analog but the modern ones utilize digital technology. The analog phones have a weak signal, as it degrades with distances. On the other hand, digital cordless have long-range, which are absolutely appropriate for larger homes or longer yards.  They use the technique of spread spectrum, which offers strong signal and superior voice quality.

·         Frequency- The base and handset of a cordless unit connect with each other through a radio or wireless signal. The frequency of this signal determines the range and how susceptible it is to intrusions. Thereby, individuals must pay proper attention on this aspect. The earlier cordless phones used the frequency of 900 MHz but the more enhanced phones use 1.9 GHz, which provides outstanding clarity of voice, eliminate the intervening aspects and also offer protection from eavesdropping.

·         Characteristic Traits-There are certain distinguished characteristic traits, which must be present in every ideal cordless phone and they are mentioned as follows:

§  They must have a Caller ID, which would enable you to trace the location and identity of callers.

§  A perfect cordless phone comes with a phone book, where you could save all the numbers.

§  Cordless have the feature of speaker phone, which allow you to keep your hands free while conversing. Moreover, others could listen to the conversation and participate in it.

§  They come with multiple handsets, which are quite significant in a large house, with many floors. They eliminate chances of physical extension and allow usage of intercom.

§  They have excellent battery backup, which serves you, if you are attending any conference. This feature enables users to continue their call, even when there is no electricity and chance of charging the device.


Hence, these are the above-mentioned important things to consider, if you desire to have a cordless phone for your home. Engenius Durafon is an exceptional organization, which provides high-quality cordless phones to its customers. They have the capacity of covering the longest ranges and are increasingly used by store managers and associates, who need to take phone calls, while tending the store inventory. The Engenius devices are durable, dependable and the most affordable solution available. 




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