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5 Useful Tips To Choose a Good Real Estate Agent

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 14 February 2017 13:27

Buying a property is a big task that not only requires knowledge of paperwork, but also the experience of what should be the price of a property and how to successfully execute a deal. The price of a property depends upon various reasons and one cannot master this skill in a day. Hence, we need a property broker who can help us get a property that fits best as per our needs.


How do you determine which real estate agent is good? Do you look out for them in the newspapers or on the online ads or the hoarding or the sponsored public benches? Angus Reed, who is a real-estate expert, gave us some valuable tips on how one should choose a good real estate broker (You can read: Who is Angus Reed?).


Following should be your considerations when you hire a real estate agent:


1. Go through the client-list

You can ask the agent to provide you with the list of what they have sold in the past month or the year. You should ask for the contact details of the previous clients, call them and ask what do they think about the property and the agent now. In this way, you will get the most honest review. The agent should not shy away from giving you the details. You can also ask them about the price and the date of the last property dealing in the locality. Also, ask them about how long has the property been up for sale.


2. Look for license

Various state’s regulatory bodies have boards that provide licenses to its real estate agents. If your state does this, ask for the license and check if it is provided by a relevant authority.


3. Category and Specialty

There are many designations that these agents use, here is what they mean:

Ø CRS (Certified Residential Specialist): It means the agent has completed additional training in handling the residential estate.

Ø ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative): It means the agent has the education of representing buyers in transactions.

Ø SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist): It means the agent has completed a training that is aimed at helping buyers and sellers that come in the senior citizen category.

Note that if the agent writes Realtor before his/her name that has a capital “R”, this means he/she is a member of NAR. You can ask them about the same and know this thing for sure.


4. Listings and Rankings

There are many websites that list the real estate agents, you should definitely check them out and compare them. See what reviews they have got, and choose an agent only after thoroughly comparing them. Also, NAR gives out awards such as “Realtor of the Year”, you should give preference to the one who has one this award.


5. Experience

This is one thing that will always be of prime importance no matter what you are looking for. An experienced agent will have known the property for a very long time and must be aware of the problems that it may have in the past or may arise in the future. He/she will have the knowledge about which property has been sold recently in the neighborhood.


These five points should be in your mind when you book an appointment with the agent. You will recognize a good agent through his communication, you should get alerted if he/she is too much sugar-coating.


Buying a property is a big investment for anyone, you need to make sure that what you are buying is worth its cost. I hope this article has helped you. Thanks for reading!

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