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Written by Posted On Wednesday, 15 February 2017 09:44

If you are contemplating to build a dream home in Florida, this is the right time to do so. The demand for housing is growing in the Sunshine State, and it’s expected that real estate prices are going to soar in the next couple of years. The climate for land and property investments is the best in the state according to the 2016 housing market predictions. Based on the results of the Harris Poll survey, Florida is the first choice of most US citizens when it comes to buying a property. So, if you want to build on your lot in Florida, live with your family, and raise your kids, it is the perfect place to be. But there is a lot to consider when planning a new house construction such as picking the right plot, a floor plan, and most importantly, its curb appeal. One of the most satisfying aspects of building your dream home is the feeling of joy you experience each time you look at your driveway. The curb appeal not only improves the aesthetics of your home exterior but also affects your property’s overall value. Here are a few curb appeal ideas when building a home on your lot:

Exterior Building Materials 

The two things you need to factor in when choosing your exterior home material are its quality and your personal preference. Using high-quality materials not only makes your home look elegant but also adds more value to your property.  Pick out the right colors, materials, and textures that evoke your individual style and sense of aesthetics, thus giving your home a unique character and contrast. Create a distinct appearance by choosing the right roofing materials. You can opt for the best quality brick siding for your home exterior. Based on the findings of the National Association of Realtors, this enhances your appeal to a considerable extent and increases its resale value by six percent. 

Edging Materials for the Driveway 

Using edging materials like pavers, stones, bricks, or a combination of all these things make your entrance look more beautiful and elegant. For example, you can improve the appearance of a dull asphalt slab with decorative designs, colors, and textures. You can keep the edging leveled with the driveway or elevate it a little to prevent guests from driving their car onto the front garden or lawn. 

Doors and Windows 

Did you know that your home’s doors and windows improve curb appeal? It is important that you choose the right colors, materials, and textures for them. If you are planning to build a contemporary-styled home on your lot, opt for doors and windows with simple profiles and clean lines. You can spruce up the door design by adding decorative glass, a doorknocker, or metal grilles. Window boxes, on the contrary, add more charm and liveliness to your curb appeal. When your house is built, mix and match flowering plants to suit your home’s color schemes and lighting conditions. 

Outdoor Entertainment Area 

Enhancing your home’s outdoor entertainment area for dining and wining is one of the best ways to improve its curb appeal. It not only adds to the overall look and feel of your house but also extends your living space when you are moving in with your family and kids. How about a beautiful patio area adding to the aesthetics and functionality of your newly-built home? You can include a deck area in the design plan.

Before you build on your lot in Florida, consider these simple ideas to improve your home’s curb appeal. The right design, floor plan, and combination of materials will make it look beautiful not only from the inside but also from the outside.

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