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4 Gadgets You Need to Create a Virtual Open House

Written by Posted On Thursday, 16 February 2017 14:28

Real estate agents have to work hard to get properties noticed. Many realtors have started using virtual open houses to attract potential buyers. With a virtual open house, people from all over the world can explore properties at any time of the day. This approach often helps homes sell faster and at higher prices.

You will need to purchase some equipment before you can offer your clients virtual open houses. Start with these four gadgets. They will give you the features that you need to sell more properties.

A 360-Degree Camera

Several companies make 360-degree cameras that you can use to take high-quality images of your properties. It’s important to get a 360-degree camera because it gives viewers the impression that they are walking through homes. Unfortunately, a typical camera won’t do the job.

If you work for a large real estate agency that has some money to spend, consider investing in a high-end camera. These models may cost $1,000 or more, but they take amazing pictures.

If you don’t have that much money to spend, you can still get good results from a less expensive camera like the LG 360 Cam. Still, you should plan to spend at least $200.

A Virtual Reality Headset

Some of your potential buyers will want to view properties from their own homes. They can simply use their computers or mobile devices to take virtual tours. Others, however, will want to view several properties from your office. Letting them see your homes for sale through a virtual reality headset will give them a better, more immersive experience.

The cool thing about virtual reality is that it can make people feel like they are actually walking through houses. When they look up, they can see the crown molding and light fixtures in your properties. When they look down, they can see the hardwood floors and heat registers. It’s a fun experience that will impress your clients.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great VR headset. The LG 360 VR headset, for instance, retails for about $100. LG keeps the price low by using the LG G5 as the VR headset’s screen. Considering that the LG G5 has a 5.3-inch Quad HD screen, your clients will get a stunning view of the properties that interest them. Having the T-Mobile network helps, too, because it will give you an uninterrupted connection to HD images and videos that you store online.

A Drone

If you don’t want to take the virtual reality route, you can use drones to let clients view homes for sale. There are a lot of camera-enabled drones that produce clear, compelling videos. Explore some of the best models that fit your budget before you decide which one to buy.

Operating a drone takes some practice, so you may want to control the device for your clients. Have them come to your office so you can connect to the drone remotely and show them around properties. If you’re willing to take a small risk, you could win some people over by letting them fly the drone. You’ll want to attach guards or bumpers to the drone first, though, so a newbie doesn’t accidentally damage the blades.

A Fast Ethernet Cable

Virtual reality needs to process a lot of data quickly. It relies on so much data that you may need to upgrade to a better Ethernet cable in your office. Try getting a Cat-6 or Cat-6a cable to prevent video delays and pixelated images.

If terms like Cat-6 and Cat-6a don’t mean anything to you, talk to your office’s tech manager about your options. He or she should have the right knowledge to help you choose a cable that can keep up with your VR needs.


Virtual open houses will play an increasingly important role in the future of real estate. By investing in the technology now, you can get ahead of the trend and mesmerize your clients with a novel approach to viewing properties.  

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