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5 Ways to Stay Warm & Cozy on Your Patio

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 21 February 2017 03:38

When the weather starts picking up, and with Spring and Summer approaching, we all feel drawn towards the outdoors.  We want to start spending time on our patio or outdoor living space - we try and see if we can brave just a few minutes outside, but it's just not the same.  Here are 5 easy ways to help you conquer the cold, enjoy your patio, and entertain guests outdoors without feeling bad for making them freeze outside.

cozy patio

Cozy Up

Blankets and throws are definitely the simplest solution to warming you up on chilly nights.  They are easy to find and can be a great budget friendly option.  Not only does it keep you warm, it’s also a great way to add a pop of colour to your outdoor area!  Invest in a good outdoor blanket or throw, I find I use mine almost every time I sit outside, even when it’s not that chilly.

patio heater

Photo Credit: Peard

Patio Heaters

Probably the easiest and most cost effective way of really warming up your patio.  Gone are the days of unsightly, clunky heaters; heat lamps are the way to go now.  They look great, come in different sizes, with different heating options, are portable, and an added bonus: they create a nice glow and softly light up the area.  You can choose from different styles and sizes, from tabletop heaters that sit on your table, to full-sized heat lamps, and even wall mounted heaters.  There are both electric and propane options you can choose from, both are great options, depending on your preference.  To find the best heater for your patio, read up reviews on the best tabletop heaters and best patio heaters.

fire pit

Photo Credit: Solus Decor UK

Fire It Up - Invest in a Fire Pit

The newest trend for patios and outdoor living areas is the addition of a fire pit - they are practical and create a welcoming, warm ambience.  They aren’t crazy expensive, but you will be looking at around a few hundred dollars for one.  Think of it as an investment, it puts out a lot of heat, and you can cozy up around it.  This is a great option, just don’t forget to factor in your outdoor living area and how much space you have if you’re thinking about buying one.


Photo Credit: Backyard Unlimited

Enclose & Cover

Work with what you have - if you have a pergola or partially enclosed porch, a simple and cheap way to cozy up your space is to add some curtains!  Other options you can consider is building a sunroom or enclosing parts of your outdoor deck or porch.  Even a simple picnic tarp or awning will provide some protection and refuge from the cold, and also block out the sun in the summer.  Results may vary, but if you end up building a full sunroom, you can enjoy your space all year round.

outdoor fireplace

Photo Credit: Better Home & Gardens


An alternative to the fire pit is an outdoor built-in fireplace, usually available in gas or wood-burning.  It is a slightly more expensive investment than a fire pit, but a fireplace with a high BTU can produce quite a large amount of heat.  Depending on your outdoor space and layout, this may or may not be a good option for you, but I will say that having the outdoor fireplace is incredibly attractive.

I truly believe that your outdoor living space is an extension of your home and a place where you can relax and unwind after a long day.  Spending time out there is quite often even more enjoyable than being inside.  Adding elements to keeping your patio looking great plus having you and your guests comfortable and warm all year round, is all you need to enjoy your outdoor living space.

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