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Living Room Makeover at the Tip of Your Fingertips

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 21 February 2017 09:53


Since it’s the spirit of new beginnings, we would like to help you to finally commit to that Home Makeover resolution you probably made years ago.

Living room makeover can be easy and a whole lot of fun once you know how to take advantage of your resources. Don’t have any? Well, think again because that little gadget which you used a lot for games, socials, selfies, business emails and basically anything that requires a database can also be your supervisor, interior designer, furniture dealer and a fund raiser for your home project.
So how do we help you make your living room facelift plans to reality? Well, all you need is an inspiration, and a fully charged smart phone.

These high-tech savvy tips will surely revolutionize how to finally transform your place into that cozy sanctuary you always wanted it to be.

 Hire an Interior designer online.

We know you are creative darling, and you’re really good in DIYs, but for a project as big as living room facelift, by all means please hire a professional. You’ll be surprised on how they can visualize and materialize your overall design concept. It will be less stressing for you too! And who says you don’t get a part on your home remodeling? You may still make it personal by adding DIY home decors that fit any theme, like this DIY Concrete Soy Candles.


Let your interior designer do your theme so you’ll  be  free to craft your DIY’s (Photo courtesy by PhotoPin)

With just a few swipes on your smartphone, you can have an access to the list of advice from interior designers, their works, their styles and even design practices.  There are also  huge advantages of hiring designers online as you get to know their professional profiles and most importantly client reviews. You can even compare designer’s rates!

So with your right hand on your phone and the other around your coffee, you can start getting to know these artists all on the comfort of your home, office or favorite coffee shop. You might even meet designers who will gladly give their expert advice for free!

iphone 2.jpg

The moment you found your perfect interior designer. (Photo courtesy of Photopin)


Don’t be a hoarder. Be a seller.

If you cannot let go of your old furniture, you cannot remodel. If you cannot modify, alter or improve your furniture, you cannot remodel. If you cannot stop being a hoarder then again, you cannot remodel.

You want a modern minimalist look, yet you cannot let go of Victorian sofa that you inherited from your mother which she apparently got from her mother and the list goes on and on, so you keep it and pretend it did not ruin your living room’s supposedly contemporary theme. This will not work.

Be open minded and be attached to your home not on the furnishing.  You do not have to throw or give away your furniture. You can sell it. Post it online. You may have to trade it half the amount you bought it for, but heck, home remodeling is expensive. You can also opt to donating your old furniture to your relatives across the state through mobile storage but remember, you need all the pennies you can get.



Granny won’t hate you for selling that antique. (Photo by

You get the cash. Your future buyer is happy. Everybody wins. Don’t have an experience with online  selling or you cannot do so because of your full time job? No worries. Your handy business adviser aka your smartphone will comprehensively guide you on how to make your first sale.

Know that you cannot do everything by yourself ...that is why we have apps.


Now that you have your design plan, the funds and the furnishings, it’s time to set-up. Sure, you may discern the interior blueprint by heart or familiarize yourself with every inch of your living room, but trust us on this, you still need help. There’s nothing more frustrating than a cluttered living room filled with unpacked heavy boxes with fragile items which you cannot even budge.



When DIY wont work. (Photo courtesy of


To make  moving fun, possible and won’t break your back , you can actually create your very own  moving team to do the lifting, installing and setting up of your furniture. You can easily hire individuals which you can pay per hour. They can do the the heavy work as you supervise them.  You don’t have to be in flesh to check and monitor their progress because  you can easily track them with your mobile phone using this advancedtime clock app.  By just logging into your tracker account you can review the time sheets and even the exact location of your moving team. What’s more, you can do this while working, cooking, shopping or even while you’re on a date!


Extra set of eyes on the jobsite (Photo by


And there you have it! Three amazingly simple tips to make your living room makeover an exciting, hassle-free and rewarding experience. It’s so easy and fun, you can actually start planning and materializing your home resolution, anytime, anywhere (as long as there’s wifi)!


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