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How to Master Email Marketing in Real Estate

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 21 February 2017 15:11

Real estate at its core shall always be about bricks and mortar. This is known and understood. Yet, with the rise of the digital economy and age of online engagement, the ways in which a realty advertises and liases with their client base has fundamentally changed - and it won’t change back.


From social media to video content to email list building. Realtors also need be conscious of these changes, and ensure they make the most of them. Failing to do so can leave yourself vulnerable to competition; but using them, and using them well - can be a surefire way to get a real advantage. Let’s look now at 5 key ways you can build your realty’s list of followers and audience online.


1. Select an Email Platform


Your old email inbox account shall not suffice. Sure, Gmail or Outlook may be OK for a while, but for the serious business of building a strong email list you need a professional program. In turn, because it is indeed a matter of ‘sooner if not later’ it is ideal to make the transition to a professional program at the outset of your list building efforts. This is because a professional program shall far outstrip what a ‘regular’ email can in terms of design and newsletter customization.


Accordingly, like a eagle set to take flight, rather than having to learn the ropes of MailChimp or iContact just before you launch a major campaign, by learning at the start you’ll be able to grow gradually. So, start now, and learn the fundamentals of email newsletters early; your future self shall be grateful you did.



2. Use Signup Forms on Website


The best email program is nothing without a good email list. While odds are good if you’ve been in the business for a little while you’ll already hold a robust contact list, there is also the need to perpetually grow and expand your readership. Put simply, in the email era, marketing is sink or swim.


This means actively seeking out new email subscribers, and a great way to do that is via your website. Use signup forms on your website and you’ll have the chance to connect-direct with anyone who visits your website. Where exactly you place a signup form is a matter for you (and if unsure ask your web designer for insight), but be sure you have one lest you miss out on new readers!


3. Use Pop-Ups or Exit Pops to Get Signups


While proven techniques shall indeed see your email list build and grow, list building also requires persistence. A signup on a page is not nearly as effective as one that pops up. While you want to avoid pestering or badgering your clients - so one on the page and a pop up (twice in total) is enough - you do want to ensure the effort is put into getting you a good result.


This means a bold, clear, and engaging pop-up or exit intent pop-up is essential. One that attracts attention, clearly explains the value to the reader - ‘sign up for my email list here’ and NOT ‘give me your email here [vague]’ - and then does what all good pops up should do; disappear off screen once the aim is achieved.


4. Try a tool like Hello Bar for Conversion


Beyond your own efforts using a tool is also a really great way to generate engagement and interest. One like HelloBar is fantastic as it offers you an extra avenue to grow, connect, and engage with your clients online.


Distinctive from an email signup form on your website (though a HelloBar can be used for this too), you can utilize a hello bar to effectively promote a unique offering or service you’ve on hand. Particularly popular among offerings used in the real estate world is the chance to download a free PDF or eBook that offers some special knowledge and insight you’ll share with readers.


Using such a HelloBar is simple and straightforward, but its prospects to build customer engagement and conversion (alongside offering you another avenue to build readership via sending the eBook for download to their email address) are substantial. Be sure a Hello Bar features across your site and reap the rewards accordingly.


5. Send Email Updates with Clear Call to Action


Emails are like any other official correspondence: you produce them with a purpose. While it is totally OK to email or call a friend just to say hi, when it comes to emails for your business you need to ensure you’ve a clear purpose. While you don’t need to get into cheesy one liners like ‘but wait there’s more’, be sure each email you start to write has a clear conclusion in mind.


If you are struggling, think: what am I trying to get as an outcome here. By no means does the outcome always need to be huge and immense - you can build a very popular email simply by offering great content and saying at the end ‘contact us to discuss your next home today’ - but it does need be clear, powerful, and easy to identify. Find a call to action that meets these three aims, and you’ll be in good standing to build a great email list.

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