Inexpensive Tweaks to Help Your Home Sell Faster

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Getting your home ready for sale need not take expensive renovations and extensive remodeling. Sometimes all you need to do is some smart and inexpensive tweaks to make small changes that buyers can appreciate. Here’s a list of affordable tweaks that you can do before listing your home for sale.

Landscape and Exterior Touch Up

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Curb appeal can make or break a sale. By checking for loose gutters, trimming plants, maybe repainting the garage door and wiping down outdoor furniture, you’ll be making the impression that your home is well taken care of.

Make All Doors and Entrances Stand Out

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Your main door needs to be at its best, so fixing it with a coat of paint and a new doorbell will make a huge difference. Don’t forget other entrances either. Buyers evaluate every entrance when looking around a home they’re interested in. By making sure that knobs and locks work plus the doors look nice, you can give your home an instant facelift effect.

Give Your Walls Some Love

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Peeling paint, stained wallpaper, holes, and cracks can age your home terribly. Fix scruff marks, paint cracks, and nail holes. Perhaps even apply a fresh coat of neutral paint colour more so for rooms with an unusual wall paint colour. This tweak provides the most bang for your buck!

Make Sure Everything Works in the Kitchen

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Replace falling knobs, clean appliances, and make sure that all drawers pull out just fine and that cabinet doors are not falling off the hinges. Buyers want a kitchen that they can see themselves cooking in. You will want to take advantage of that buyer ‘kryptonite’ to make a sale. It doesn’t hurt that this costs next to nothing, more so if you’re handy.

Let Your Floor Do the Talking

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Clean and well-maintained floor speaks volumes. Get rid of raggedy rugs and clean stained carpets. You can DIY this or rent a carpet steamer for cheap.

Showcase Storage

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By keeping your home neat and making sure that everything has a place for storage, buyers will have the impression that your home has plenty of storage and space for their things. You can also DIY some easy storage by repurposing a garage wall for hanging and holding things.

Scent it Right

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Clean and fresh is the way to go so you better clean everywhere and include everyone – yes, the pet(s) and the kid(s)! Stay away from using too many air fresheners because that will give the impression that you’re masking something, rather stick to friendly scents such as coffee, vanilla, or maybe pine. Scented candles are a great choice for this.

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

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Finishing touches should make rooms look and feel put together and give the impression that everything has been well-maintained. If you cannot replace a whole bathroom, you can easily update it by replacing the faucets, towel rack, showerhead, and valves. A few fresh white towels can work wonders too!

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