March Home Checklist for a Spring-Ready Home

Written by Posted On Friday, 17 March 2017 08:10

Spring is just a few days away. Jumpstart your spring cleaning with all the fresh start tips below to get the most out of the year ahead. 

Take Command of Your Command Centre

Spring Cleaning Tips

The holidays may have left your command centre a bundle of mess. No matter whether your command centre is just a small desk in the kitchen or entryway, or a full-size home office, clutter can weigh you down. Sort papers and mails and throw away anything you won’t be needing anymore. Update calendars and add a cheerful décor or two. Everything else will fall into place.  

Give the Mud Room a Makeover

Spring Cleaning Tips2

Or just take all the mud out! Joking aside, now would be the time to put away hats, boots, winter mittens, and the like. Don’t forget to clean any drawers, shelves, and cubbies!

Make the Kitchen Sparkle and Organise the Pantry

Spring Cleaning Tips3

It’s time to give countertops a thorough scrubbing and take away everything you won’t be using in the near future. Don’t forget what’s in the cupboards!

As for the pantry, tackling it may take you a few days so set aside a time for that so you can inspect and check each item for expiration. Don’t feel bad if you find a lot of good food that you’re not interested in eating as you can probably donate those to a shelter or community centre. Once that is done, clean all shelves and start organizing by consolidating packages, grouping like items together, and labeling containers.

Pare Down Your Wardrobe

Spring Cleaning Tips4

Find all the clothes that do not fit you anymore or are not weather-appropriate for the months ahead. Store what you plan to wear when the weather’s cold again and donate what you don’t plan on using again. It would also be great to give some stored clothes a fluff in the dryer before hanging them on your rack.

Give Your Windows Some Love

Spring Cleaning Tips5

Store away storm windows and install screens instead. Wiping down shades and washing curtains would be great too.

Mend and Launder Soft Furnishings

Spring Cleaning Tips6

Area rugs, duvet, curtains, and pillow covers all need some love, so clean or wash them just in time to welcome spring! Bring large items to the cleaners and take care of the small ones at home. Be sure to let the cleaners know if anything needs mending!

Give Your Exteriors a Once Over

Spring Cleaning Tips7

Inspect the exteriors of your home on a clear day and see if the roof, gutter, yard, and siding are all well. This would be a great time to call in professionals for assessment and repair as they aren’t fully booked yet with projects.

Spruce Up the Porch

Spring Cleaning Tips8
An inviting porch adds beauty, appeal, and value to a home. Repaint if needed, switch up outdoor furniture if desired, and wipe down your porchlight and mailbox. A new doormat and some plants should complete everything.

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