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As your Cayman Islands holiday comes to an end, to your utmost regret, and you return to where you came from, you will find that you are consumed by your recollections of this slice of paradise. With its white sands, clear blue seas and fine weather, it’s easy to see why you, like so many other people from around the world, have fallen in love with the islands. And it’s understandable to see why so many people decide to settle here.

Why don’t you? Buy a luxury property on the Cayman Islands as your second home a vacation home – to use for your holidays. Your Grand Cayman property will earn you substantial returns. Cayman Brac property or land on Little Cayman are also attractive. For, you will find that this trio of islands offers much more than natural beauty. That’s just the start.


Political stability, economic prosperity

The Cayman Islands have a high standard of living and world-class infrastructure, attracting lots of influential expatriates. You will feel right at home here with your luxury property investment. Being a British Overseas Territory with a stable government, business-friendly policies, financial services industry, and high degree of safety boosts investor confidence. Accessibility of travel to the United States and the United Kingdom is the icing on the cake.

Foreigners, welcome

The Cayman Islands have no restrictions on foreign ownership of property if it is utilized for personal use. Banks are willing to finance the property, too, lending 50% to 75% of the value. Owning property for business, however, needs to be licensed. Investing in property also counts toward points for residency. But, be aware that foreign property owners cannot spend more than 180 consecutive days a year in residence.

Well-regulated real estate market

The real estate industry is developed and regulated, making it a safe investment choice. With the property titles guaranteed through the government’s land registration system and a strong legal framework for real estate, your Cayman Islands investment is safe. Most properties are controlled by CIREBA, the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association, which has its own strict regulations. A multi-listing system gives sellers the widest exposure and buyers a complete choice.

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Tax-neutral property

Your luxury property in the Cayman Islands will not attract any tax – property, inheritance, or capital gains, making it highly attractive. Of course, you do have to pay stamp duty of up to 7.5% when making and registering your real estate purchase.

Easy transfer of property

All you require to transfer property is a single document between buyer and seller, making it an extremely easy process.

The real estate market in the Cayman Islands is robust – choices galore for buyers, security of investment, strong legal framework, and solid returns. Contact a real estate company, who will not only know the local market, but will also help you through the formal process. The large financial services industry, and its associated professions, ensures demand for quality housing is high, ensuring you will have ready buyers for your Cayman Islands investment.

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