Awesome Kitchen Design Tips for Real Food Lovers

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If you love food or cooking, you know for a fact that a mediocre kitchen won’t do. Non-existent storage space, the lack of enough prep surfaces, and inadequate ventilation can make even the most steadfast home cook opt for take out on most days. What can be done to prevent this? Well, invest in a few modifications to make your kitchen perfect for your food adventures, of course!

Here are some awesome kitchen design tips that’ll make the best bang for buck when it comes to kitchens designed for foodies like you!

Get Yourself Proper Knife Storage

Kitchen Foodie Ideas

Great knives don’t come cheap, hence, hey don’t deserve to be stuck in a dark drawer. Invest in knife storage that allows your knives to be stored separately and horizontally oriented so that the blades don’t dull. A good knife block or a magnetic knife strip would be a great solution for you.

Create or Build Extra Prep Space

Kitchen Foodie Ideas2

You can get a rolling kitchen island with an extension or opt for a huge pull-out cutting board that’s stored under another surface. Extra elbow room is always welcome in the kitchen.

Invest in the Right Vent Hood

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You need to get the right vent hood to ensure that you’ll be able to keep smoke and cooking odours at a minimum. To do this, you’ll have to know your kitchen’s area and the size of your cooktop. You won’t want to purchase a vent hood that’s bigger than your cooktop and at the same time, you’d want your vent hood to be powerful enough to suck smoke generated from your cooking adventures.

Don’t Clutter Your Countertop with Cooking Utensils

Kitchen Foodie Ideas4

You may have been storing whisks and spatulas in countertop organisers or jars for years now, but the better way to store them would be in a custom pullout that’s shallow enough to make everything accessible while still being out of the way.

Opt for a Soaker Faucet

Kitchen Foodie Ideas5

You may not like a soaker faucet at first glance, but it’s perfect for blasting every corner of your sink with water, rinsing big items, filling huge pans, and washing dishes. You’ll be thanking yourself until you move out when you decide to go for this neat kitchen design option.

Install a Rollout to Stash Pot Lids

Kitchen Foodie Ideas6

Jamming drawers because pot lids keep on getting caught can drive anyone to frustration. Prevent this by using a shallow rolling drawer above the drawer or cabinet for pots. Easy access to everything you need!

Go for a Pullout for Pots and Pans Too!

If you’re storing your pots and pans in a deep and huge drawer, then good for you. However, if your kitchen only has cabinets, installing a pullout tray inside will eliminate having to rummage through stacks of pots and pans to find the one you need whenever you’re making kitchen magic happen.

Choose a Dishwasher That Comes with A Utensil Drawer

Kitchen Foodie Ideas7

A dishwasher that can cope with a heavy load plus comes with a utensil drawer is heaven-sent for a home cook, more so if you love entertaining. No more washing utensils by hand for you!

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