7 Organizing Tips for an Amazing Pantry

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Let’s be honest here, we’ve all got a bit of pantry-envy whenever we see neatly stacked goods and food items in pretty magazine-worthy pantries. Surely, there’s a way for us mere mortals to achieve the same too?

The reality for most of us is having to navigate around boxes and cans of food just to find that one tube of tomato paste, or perhaps a small shaker of oregano. Perhaps some of you tried to organize in the past and now have a clutter of unlabeled uniform containers that make you unable to tell which is powdered sugar and which is salt at first glance…that will surely result to some serious kitchen mishaps if not tackled soon! Below are 7 organizing tips so you can have the pantry of your dreams and avoid pantry catastrophe!

Invest in a Dedicated Spice Shelf

Organizing Pantry Ideas

Having all your spices organized in one place where you can easily see them is not only a treat to the eyes but will also be a treat to your taste buds. When you have your spices arranged in racks where you can just grab them when needed, you avoid the dilemma of having old tasteless spice just sitting around in your cupboards.

Get the Containers You Need, Not What You Want

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Round containers make look cool, but they do take up more space than rectangular or more square-ish ones. Another common mistake is getting too many containers that are either too big to be practical or too small to be actually functional. It would be best to list down how many of each kind of container you really need before buying just what looks nice. The last thing you want is to create more clutter.

Awkwardly Shaped Items Should Be Stored Waist Level or Below

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This helps you see exactly what you need when you need it plus allow you to put things back without creating a mess. Bagged foods and snacks belong in this category, so does most food items that come in individual packets.

Baskets Are Your Friend

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Anything round like apples and onions would be a nightmare to keep just sitting in the containers you bought them in. A few baskets strategically placed in your pantry’s lowest shelves would solve your storage problem as well as allow air to circulate to prevent food spoilage.

Get Your Hands on Some Cute Labels

Organizing Pantry Ideas5

Do you know that you can customize your kitchen labels with just a few minutes of internet browsing to download label templates and printing your new pretty labels on sticker paper? Doing so will save you a lot of money and gives you beautiful new custom-made labels to stick to your containers.

Keep Go-To Items at Eye Level

Organizing Pantry Ideas6

There is no reason why you would place your cereal on the top most shelf when you eat it everyday, make use of your pantry’s prime real estate! Place children’s snacks on their eye level shelves and place your own favourites where you can easily reach them. No more rummaging for that last granola bar at the back of your pantry’s shelves!

Resist Hoarding What You Don’t Use

Organizing Pantry Ideas7

Sales can make you buy 20 cans of pickled cabbage, but why buy so much when you don’t even eat pickled cabbage that often? Take note of what you quickly use up and only bulk buy those items. Your pantry will look better when it isn’t bursting with food.

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