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Michigan home selling & curb appeal tips

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 04 April 2017 14:13

1 0518141607How to get home buyers in the door - Early Spring curb appeal tips.  The goal is to sell your home, and like any product you need to get it in front of as many buyers as possible.  You need to get the buyers interested in it.  It is not like a normal internet sale.  It is a little like a car sale.  The buyer has to touch it, and get in it.  It is the same with a home.  You have to get them in the door.  Curb appeal and good photos of the front of the house is how you get the buyers into your home.

welcome matIn Michigan the landscape is always bare and more brown than green in the winter.  It is the same way in early spring.  It is always a little dull between Winter and Summer.  Spring but not quite spring either because the flowers are not blooming or the leaves  have not come out.  Here are some quick tips on how to improve your curb appeal of your home to get great curb appeal.

The key is to make your home stand out from others that people are looking at on the internet.  So how does that bland, non green, no leaves on the tree home look any better than other houses.  Give it the best curb appeal possible.  We want to get buyers to come and see your house.  Does your house look inviting?  Does it look neat, clean?  Can you even see the house with the trees and bushes in the way?  Is it bright and cherry?  Whether it is a home for sale in Wayne County or a lake property for sale in Oakland County good curb appeal sells homes. 

Here are some quick steps to make your Michigan home for sale more inviting, so the curb appeal helps sell your house.

wreath#1.  Trim up the bushes so you can see the house.   The bushes should be neatly trimmed and trees should be trimmed up so the lower branches are not blocking the view of the home.

#2.  Add fresh mulch.  Run down to Lowes, Home Depot or your local garden center and pick up some bags of mulch.  It’s easier than shoveling a load of mulch around and just about the same price.  Mulch will make your shrub beds pop especially when you do not have a lot of green around.   Remember it is all about making your home better looking than others on the internet and on the street.

#3.  Add pots of fresh flowers in between the bushes or on the porch.  Now is not the time to be frugal on me.  Is selling your home worth a $200 investment?  Brighten up your front yard!

pansy pot#4 Add a spring wreath or basket  to the front door.  Say welcome to your house with color when the rest of the yard is still more brown.

Somehow I want to help you make your home to stand out.  I want buyers to notice your house if they are driving down the street or out on the lake and say “That’s a really nice house”.  Or among the hundreds of pictures buyers surf through on the internet yours needs to be one that peaks their interest.  We want buyers to walk through your door and take look at it.  If we accomplish that then these curb appeal tips will help sell your home.

If you are thinking of selling your your home check out more selling tips at http://www.oaklandcountylakefronthomesmi.com  I’ll put my knowledge of selling homes to work for you. 

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