Holiday to Moving - I Love Sardinia !

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Last year we decided to take our family on holiday to Sardinia. We wanted a nice suite with facilities to keep the children safe and happy.

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We looked at the Forte Village resorts online and the Bouganville resort's deluxe family bungalow looked just the ticket as there is a separate livning room giving the family some space. The garden is a very nice place to have an evening meal after a long day of touring, without having to worry about getting all dressed up for a restaurant.

The restaurants, entertainment and nightlife were beyond our expectations and I couldn't contain my joy when I found out the Gipsy Kings were playing!

As great as the Bouganville resort is, our family democratically decided to tour outside the resort every other day and that worked out well because the wife and I enjoyed ourselves in the spa on the recovery days. For the touring, we used a car. Because we had already used the SP17 from Caligari down to the resort, we decided to continue counter-clockwise along the SP18. Dorgali is a lovely town and we really enjoyed dining at the Ristorante Pizzeria La Poltrona. 

sala ristorante

We really did enjoy the architecture of the various coastal towns, including the churches and castles.

Sardinia is so idyllic, charming, friendly, great Italian culture and with great weather - long hot summers and mild winters. We fell in love with the place within days. It's no wonder that property in Sardinia is in high demand.


Within months, we made our minds up to buy a second home making a great investment which we're pretty sure would make a great retirement home for us, when the time comes.

While it would be nice to buy in a coastal town, there's much more affordbale property in the countryside. That's not to say there isn't anything affordable on the coast. 

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