Home Interior Trends For 2017: Minimalism Stays Evergreen

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There are two ways to look at minimalistic interiors: you either see it as stark, cold and boring, or you see it as sleek, neat and sexy. Regardless of how people view it, minimalism is always embraced. When it comes to interior design, people need to realize that we are no longer living in the 17th century with Louis XIV, and if you want your home to seem luxurious you need to implement the rule that less is more. And not just that, designers from all fields, from fashion all the way to car industry are now embracing the clean and simple design.

If you are wondering why does it work, there are actually three obvious reasons for it. First, it’s a known fact that uncluttered spaces make us feel calm and increases our health and happiness. Second, it creates a relaxing environment and embraces the fluid vibe. Third, it makes any room, regardless of its size, seem very spacious. Plus, its limited color choice makes everything seem less chaotic. Oh, and the best one of them all: less of everything equals more money on your bank account.

Have you started considering minimalism yet? Just wait till you see these fabulous trends.


The color gray was present during 2016, and it continues its reign in 2017 as well. There will now be countless different tones of gray, gray and white mixtures, as well as gray and deeper color mixtures. Gray is detached, neutral, so in other words, it’s the signature color of minimalistic style. When it comes to color psychology perspective, it is a color of compromise – not black, nor white, but in between. It gets more dramatic as it gets closer to black, and again it gets more lively when it gets closer to white or silver. It creates a sense of calmness and relief. Plus, it adds the stylish vibe when it is combined with any existing color.

Raw white

This refers to colors like bone white or chalky white. In other words, it is where this perfect color meets its imperfect side. The great thing about this trend is that your all-white room will not at all look like the doctor’s office, because raw white looks warmer and calmer. And speaking of all white, this is also a huge trend. There is just something so luxurious and refreshing in one all-white room, especially when it is balanced with a creamy off-whites and natural hues. Seriously breathtaking.  

Natural palette

Oh, you know, soft brown, taupe and of course – Greenery, the color of 2017. It must have something to do with a rapid growth of wellness industry.  These soft and desaturated tones embrace sustainability and simple living, as well as spirituality and self-improvement. It’s simple, in the era of speed and pressure of a modern life, people need to immerse themselves in the simplistic beauty of the natural world, and what place is better for it than our home?

Foldable appliances

As I already said at the beginning – less is more. The designers are now embracing multifunctional furniture that takes the smallest amount of space and yet manage to look posh. Features like cabinets that can serve as tables for four, kitchens that can fold up into a box, and many more, are becoming more and more popular.

Also, moving experts from the Moveage Group say that foldable appliances are great for people who tend to move often.

Antique meets minimalistic

Before, we were all about sticking to one particular style. But now, designers think of it as something outdated. The time of improvisation has come, and even though it was unimaginable just a few years ago, it is now desirable. For example, you can combine your antique handmade table with a set of simple and modern white minimalistic seats. Also, you can take your antique seats and set them around your new modern table. Be brave and experiment by mixing past and the future.

Matte appliances

This is especially popular in kitchens. You see, when you add a matte finish to an object, it strips away all distractions and lets the object speak for itself. It’s also an unexpected twist for objects that we are used to on being glossy, like your kitchen counter for example. Plus, it adds depth to the overall composition.

Sculpting light

The new technology of 21st century has allowed us to experiment with everything, and lighting was not left out. These new decorative architectural systems can illuminate space with sculptural waves that give the entire space (especially minimalistic space) that unique depth. But, it is important to say that this works much better in bigger spaces.

Electric interior

Now it is all about bold color blocking, graphic forms and kaleidoscopic surfaces. Designers are embracing the contemporary design by playing with graphic elements, geometrical patterns and various installations. Buckle your seatbelts, there is so much more to come.

What do you think about minimalistic interiors? Do you like the interior trends for 2017? Let us know in the comments.

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