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6 Tips for a Hassle-free Move

Written by Posted On Thursday, 13 April 2017 03:59

Moving is usually a time when anxiety goes through the roof and nerves start to wear thin with every new unanticipated plot twist. Still, does moving home or office really have to be all stress and no cookie? No, it doesn’t: all it takes for you to take the hassle bit out of the move equation is to plan the endeavor with due care ahead of the time. Here are six useful tips you can try that will make the relocation go easier on your nerves and total budget.

1. Plan the budget for the move

Running short on money or time is the worst-case scenario that can happen during the move. To avoid losing a small fortune through sheer neglect, it’s best to make a list of costs you expect to incur during or in relation to the move. For instance, you can write down anticipated transport expenses such as fuel costs or moving company fee, costs of packaging material and cleaning supplies, insurance, backup transportation costs, and all other expenditures that may impact the final move budget.

2. Start packing ahead of time

To avoid last-minute panic, buy necessary packaging materials ahead of time and start packing at least a few weeks before the move. Ideally, you should start packing 8-12 weeks prior to the move day, and you can also make a countdown list and inventory of items to pack on a weekly and daily basis. If you are moving office, you can close your business for a few days leading up to the move, and use the time to pack all the gear and clean up the space together with your team.

3. Have a backup plan in place

Lots of things can go wrong during a move: transportation failures, shipping delays en route, and transport vehicle capacity hitches. To stay on the safe side of the transportation agenda, you can go over the price of truck hire services and see whether and which removal companies offer the option of last-minute vehicle rentals if your preferred mover fails to show up on move day. Also, you can have a plan B in place for cleanup services, outdoor storage, and professional packaging and loading: after all, it’s better to be safe than stressed out on D day.

4. Label everything properly

Few things feel worse than arriving at a new home and realizing you have no idea where critical gear such as underwear, cutlery, and bedclothes are. To avoid unpacking hassle, label all boxes with lists of items they contain. It would be ideal to load boxes into the removal van or truck based on priority of need, and to secure them in place. For instance, essentials such as dishes, mugs, and fresh clothes should be the first in line for unloading and unpacking, whereas things you don’t use every day can be taken out and organized in the final stage of the moving.  

5. Keep your valuables safe

During all the moving hustle and bustle, your valuables can get lost or misplaced, which is why it would be best to store them in a safe place before the move day. For an added safety layer, you can get an insurance policy for breakable or particularly valuable items, and you should back up important files on your PC to stay on the safe side of digital data should something go wrong in transit. If possible, place extremely precious valuables such as jewelry, antiques, passbooks, and important documents in a bank safe or have a friend or family member hold onto them until the move is over.

6. Put deliveries on hold

Many homeowners forget to put deliveries on hold or sign up for mail redirection with the post office for the duration of the move. Before you begin packing, be sure you’ve notified the bank, tax administration, post office, and other relevant authorities about a change of residence. Also, it would be smart to leave the new home address with a neighbor or your postman so that mail which winds up delivered to your old home could reach you without a problem.

Ready to move home or office? Get down to packing, and use the tips above to avoid stress and make the move go easier on your nerves. Good luck!

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