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Most home buyers today are looking for good deals, hey, who isn’t looking for a good deal.  The average young family wants a fixer upper but the list of repairs is just too long and too costly for them to wrap their brain around.  Moving with a family is a big ordeal and families with children are typically low on time and funds.  Here are some tips that will help buyer see your home as a place that they can live in without breaking the bank on repairs.  I have many young families looking for homes but they are typically on the lower end of the market, so when properties come up the first thing they ask is what needs to be fixed?  This can then deter them from looking is the repair list is too long or costly.  These types of folks will do well if the home needs cosmetic updates but not a total renovation.

Sellers would be advised to handle smaller repairs.  It is true that buyers are drawn to projects; no one wants a long list of small, unrewarding tasks that are not going to get the creative juices flowing.  Some projects, to the seller, may seem simple but to a prospective buyer coming in to the home it could add a lot of stress to an already long list of things that need to get done right away.  Picture a young family looking at your home, childproof electrical outlet covers could go a long way for them knowing that is one less thing for them to do. 

Go through your home, room by room and make a list of necessary repairs or corrections from windows that don’t open because you’ve painted them shut to light switches that don’t work anymore.  Making these small repairs can put a buyers mind at ease and these are inexpensive to correct.  A deep cleaning will also help as potential buyers look at your home.  A spotless interior helps them to picture a clean environment to live in rather than fearing mold that may be lurking just under the floor boards.  Hire a cleaning company to do a deep clean on your home, it will be money well invested.

Fencing can help also.  You don’t need a jungle gym to attract a young family but a fence can go a long way to help secure that buyer.  A family with young kids will see that as a major plus when looking at your home.  They won’t have to think about their kids running off as they are inside arranging furniture.  You won’t get back 100 percent of what you spend on a fence but you may get a quicker sale.  Staging in the back yard, such as, patio furniture or a fire pit, will help this new buyer picture memories being made with their family.

Buyers today are also very concerned about the environment, so be sure to draw attention to energy efficient or eco-friendly features.   Anything that will help save money on a monthly basis will be attractive to your potential buyer.  A simple thing like a smart thermostat could be a big selling point for a small investment.  Or how about a rain collection barrel for the garden area, now that is something that will be a great benefit to attract those who want to grow a garden.

Open kitchens are still high on the list for appealing features for any potential buyer.  Families on the go with soccer practice and dance recitals need a functional kitchen more than a formal dining area.  Not all kitchens come like this and this can be costly to add, but adding more storage and more lighting can help make the space you do have more inviting and less cramped.

Buyers today are not just investing in a house, they are envisioning what their future family will look like in the home you have to offer.

If you have any questions, call me and I will help you.  If you know of someone looking to Buy or Sell Real Estate in El Dorado County call me, text me at 530-306-3494 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Visit my website at

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