New House, New Look: Designing a Space with These 6 Essential Items

Written by Posted On Sunday, 16 April 2017 19:36

You have finally purchased your new home, bravo! What an amazing feeling it is to be handed the keys and told simply, “it’s yours.” That’s just what the house is—all yours—tile, windows, crown molding and all.

Since you’ve just bought the new place, there are more than likely rooms that you don’t have a stick of furniture for yet. Moving from a cramped one-bedroom apartment to a four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath feels like you’ve moved from a cardboard box into a mansion.

How in the world are you going to be able to dress the interior up? If even one room is empty, it’ll drive you nuts because that’ll mean the house is unfinished, and if the house is unfinished, that means you don’t have it together. Clearly, you have it together—you just bought a house for goodness’ sake!

It’s okay, don’t panic. With a few well-placed furniture items, you’ll have your place going from drab to fab in no time.

Sectional Sofa

Do you expect to entertain often? How can you do that without providing a comfortable place for your guests to sit? A sectional sofa is perhaps one of the more advantageous furniture pieces to own as it gives you positional options regular sofas and loveseats don’t offer. According to Ezinearticles, the adaptability of sectional sofas allows you to lengthen or shorten your seating area based on usage. And instead of having to buy a sofa and a loveseat, you can buy a sectional that serves the same exact function for a better cost.

Coffee Table

When you’re sitting on the couch, where do you prop up your feet? Where do you set down your cup of tea or glass of wine? You can’t do it on the floor, as you might spill your drink and stain the carpet. What you need is a coffee table! A coffee table serves as an anchoring point in the living space thanks to its placement in the middle of the surrounding furniture. Used to store remote controls, games and other odds and ends, a coffee table acts both as a storage device and impromptu ottoman.

Floor Lamp

Relying on overhead light throughout your place is a big no-no. Why? Because overhead light alone makes the atmosphere feel and look sterile. Elle Décor writes that interior spaces should be lit with a mixture of ambient, accent and task lighting. Creating a layered lighting effect will make the space look like it is filled with natural light. By using overhead lighting with a lit floor lamp and side lamp, you’ll create chill vibes and a warm ambience.

Side Table

Where are you going to place your books, candles, drinks and other décor items if not on the side table? A side table gives you the option to have more surfaces in your home for storage and looks great in the living room and bedroom. When looking for a side table, 3 Benefits of suggests that you “look for designs that feature drawers, where you can put all your essential items like [your] wallet, jewelry, keys, documents, etc.”

Queen-Sized Bed

If your new home is going to be the family’s new place to celebrate the holidays and host parties, there will be times when family and friends will stay over. To make sure everyone is cozy and comfortable during their overnight stay, you’ll need modern bedroom furniture that looks and feels good. The Better Sleep Council warns that too small a mattress can make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep. A small mattress can also make the room look overly large, making the furniture look incidental and the room itself like it’s trying too hard.

Side Chair

It’s important to note that a bedroom shouldn’t have just a bed and a side table. It should also have a chair for you or your guests to sit and read, crochet or work on the New York Times crossword puzzle. Situating a chair in the space will make it more dynamic and pump in some energy.

Your new home should reflect your personality and spunk, but it should also be functional. With the right furniture pieces, you can have both!

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