5 Features of a Good Real Estate Agent

Written by David Meister Posted On Sunday, 16 April 2017 22:00
5 Features of a Good Real Estate Agent Freepik

A good number of home sellers have little or no knowledge with regards to real estate agents. Because of this they may not identify a good real estate agent from a bad agent, not until it is far too late. A very good real estate agent is much like a conductor, moving in the direction of an ultimate goal: the sale of the house. An Excellent real estate agent can be challenging to find once you don’t know the attributes to watch out for.

Here are a few tips from The Locals on what to lookout for when looking around for the perfect agent.

1. They communicate

It is usually challenging working with agents lacking communication skills. The marketplace is time bound, therefore you need a real estate agent that can show you promptly the place where you stand with your present buying or selling plan.

 It’s highly recommended that agents stay in relentless contact with their potential customers. What appears to be meaningless information to an agent who’s been in the real estate business for a long time might be extremely vital to clients that are not familiar with the real estate game. Speedy and on time replies are absolutely necessary in a real estate agent.

2. They’re proactive

A great agent ought to be proactively getting in touch with potential buyers, getting across to existing customers and consistently pursuing new leads. The vital point of being proactive is keeping the client up to date. When your clients persist in calling you, you’re not providing them sufficient information. The secret of being proactive is always keeping the client informed on every move you make. A great agent should also be well-informed about the different real estate trends. Emerging trends such as VR are greatly shaping up the real estate scene. 

3. They listen

The majority of good agents will tell you to be careful about a real estate agent who talks a lot. When you can’t get a word in when interacting with your agent then you’ve a concern. As a client or customer, you’re the person who ought to be doing a lot of the talking and ensuring that your agent figures out your personal demands and needs. A quality agent ought to be asking all the questions not the other way around.

4. They’re client motivated

Good real estate agents understand that if the customer gets a great deal the agent on the other hand benefits, that is why it ‘s extremely vital that you pick an agent who positions their vendors first. The best agent will invariably have their client’s satisfaction as their main concern. Selling and buying houses is generally challenging and it’s essential for the agent to ensure that the client is feeling assisted and pleased. A great agent understands their client’s successes are their success as well.

 A number of clients prefer to keep in touch by email; others have a preference for a fast text message while some want to get a phone call so as to have a chat with regards to what’s going on with their sale. It’s the job of a very good agent to check out the clients desired approach of communication so they don’t feel either pushed aside by silence or stressed by too much communication.

5. They understand their customers selling motivation

A great agent at all times understands why their clients are selling and will ask themselves some vital questions. It also important to know if there’s an emotional attachment to a home, a client who’s selling one out of several houses is very different with one who’s selling their family home. A great agent understands the difference and will adapt accordingly.

These are a few qualities of great real estate agents; these qualities would make you more successful, regardless of how difficult the sales environment is presently.

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