10 Amazing Materials for a Unique Ceiling

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Ceilings used to do just fine with a typical coat of paint, but if you’re someone who’s looking for ways to make your ceilings pop, then the following unique materials and glamourous finishes should do the trick.


Home Ceiling Ideas

Plaster can be moulded to create intricate patterns on your ceiling. Paired with a muted wall paint colour and solid-hued floors, a moulded plaster ceiling can be a room’s most noticeable and prized design detail. This is a great way to add value to your home when remodeling too!

Corrugated Tin

Home Ceiling Ideas2

Who would have thought that you can use roofing material for a unique ceiling? For extra rustic flair, you can even opt to reuse salvaged corrugated tin paired with plank floors or wooden walls. Tin and naked wood looks great together and can be used either to create a rustic, barn feel or an industrial look for your home.

PVC Tiles

Home Ceiling Ideas3

PVC tiles are lightweight and come in a variety of looks and finishes to choose from. This means you can make your ceiling look like stone, marble, tin, or any other pattern of your fancy as long as it is available.

Woven Bamboo

Home Ceiling Ideas4

Woven bamboo works great for more than just room dividers and mats. A woven bamboo ceiling is great for creating a resort-like atmosphere for any room in your home. Try it for a guest room, the lanai area, your own bedroom, or a yoga room for a dose of relaxing ambiance.

Venetian Plaster

Home Ceiling Ideas5

Venetian plaster can look like burnished metal and will certainly look great for a great room, a man cave, or a bedroom. It reflects light in a flattering way, making it work for both dark and light hued rooms.

Silver Leaf

Home Ceiling Ideas6

Looking for a gorgeous and sophisticated ceiling finish? Go for silver leaf! Silver leaf has to be applied by hand because it is very thin and delicate. Yes, both the material and the application can be quite expensive but you know what? There are silvery and metallic paints that you can use as well!

Draped Linen

Home Ceiling Ideas7

If allergy is a concern, draped linen ceilings may not be for you but if you’re only worried about dust, then a weekly light vacuuming should take care of your worries. Linen drapes too girly for you? Then go for canvas instead for a tent-like feel!


Home Ceiling Ideas8

Cork is great for absorbing sounds so this ceiling option might be great for either a game room or outdoors. Pair your cork ceilings with wooden detailing and everyone who sees it will likely fall in love.

Open Beams

Home Ceiling Ideas9

Charming, chic, and totally unexpected comes to mind when describing ceilings made of open beams. When you want an open feel but would need that ceiling space to anchor some lights, open beam is the option for you!


Home Ceiling Ideas10

Bored of plain, flat ceilings? Then add some texture to it by using strips of moulding! You can arrange them in any pattern and the best part? This trick works for doors too!

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