12 Simple Ways to Welcome Spring

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 19 April 2017 10:23

What better way to welcome spring than by connecting with nature, lightening things up, and adding hints of freshness all over your home? Here are some simple ways to welcome spring into your beautiful home!

Clear Off Kitchen Counters

Spring Home Ideas

Want to make your kitchen instantly look bigger and fresher? Clear out some counter space! Don’t let small kitchen appliances, food, or even cans of coffee sit on your counter. Keep them out of sight and use the counter for showcasing a fruit basket or some fresh blooms.

Get the Windows Clean

Spring Home Ideas2

Don’t waste that beautiful spring sunshine by hiding behind heavy drapes and dirty windows! If you’ve got a view, then even more reason to clean your windows now!

Open Your Windows

Spring Home Ideas3

Speaking of windows, why not open them up to let the fresh air in? your home would love the airing after months of winter.

Decorate with Greens

Spring Home Ideas4

Take advantage of spring blooms and greens. Decorate with them in mason jars, tall vases, or even milk bottles for a shabby chic feel. Use tall branches, a few fresh buds, a flower or two, or even some ferns. Green is definitely in!

Go for a Quick Colour Makeover

Spring Home Ideas5

Swap your rich and deep winter hues for light and airy whites and pastels. Change drapes into sheers and maybe paint the walls (or just some walls) a lighter hue. You’d be surprised at how big a change a colour makeover can give you.

Forgo the Rugs

Spring Home Ideas6

Rugs can make your home feel a bit ‘heavier’ than usual so consider going without some of them for spring and summer. You might even fall in love with the feel of bare floors!

Give Your Patio Some Love

Spring Home Ideas7

No matter how small or how big your patio is, it can definitely benefit from a few potted plants, maybe some outdoor cushions, a mirror for an unexpected twist, a mini fountain if you’ve got noise either from neighbours or from a nearby busy street, and maybe some vines for privacy. You can even convert your patio area into a fully functional outdoor room for the warmer months ahead!

Plant Herbs and Flowers

Spring Home Ideas8

Planting herbs makes sure you’ll have a steady supply for your kitchen while planting flowers will give you blooms for decorating for months to come.

Try Having Breakfast Outdoors

Spring Home Ideas9

Try eating one meal outdoors and you’ll soon see how big of an impact this does to your mood. Breakfast would be the best option for this as this practice can help set you up for a productive day ahead!

Start a Garden Plan

Spring Home Ideas10

It would be best to plan out what you’ll be planting and tending to as the months progress. This also means that you’ll be able to use your space better and can plan what plants to keep depending on what you’re planning for your garden space.

Transform Your Garden Shed

Spring Home Ideas11

If you’ve got a garden shed, why not give it a makeover to make it a beautiful retreat instead of just a place to shove all your tools into? You can use the sides to let some climbing plants grow, attach hanging baskets to make it look like a cottage, and maybe give it a new coat of paint to fit your garden plan.

Have a Picnic Kit Ready

Spring Home Ideas12

Have a picnic basket ready with non-perishable items such as napkins, picnic blanket, bottle opener, and utensils. This way, all you have to do is add some food when you decide it’s time for an impromptu picnic!

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